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My makeup bag beauties

Last night I was bored and thought that I really need to get back to blogging. While lazing around I flipped through old magazines and came across Hlubi Mboya sharing her “in my make-up bag” with YOU Magazine.

So I’ve really been blessed in terms of my makeup bag blossoming with the most AH-MAZING products and today I thought I’d share my makeup bag contents with you. At the moment Rimmel London is dominating in there but in time all that will change when I find the next big sale [LOL]

I really do love makeup but I always stick to the rule “Less is more” and I never over do it. Apart from carrying my makeup bag everywhere I go, I do my normal makeup routine at home then just pop my makeup bag in my handbag for those “emergency” touch ups when I’m on the go.

Firstly I chose a small yet pretty white aloe earth Thandana bag that’s the perfect size and limits me from carrying my entire makeup collection with me and only focuses on the things that I really need apart from my usual makeup routine products.

•1 – is my Rimmel London Glam`Eyes Mascara. I love this beauty. The mascara wand is thin and comes with a little curve which makes it easy to apply and also curls the lashes perfectly.

•2 – is my Rimmel London Special Eyes, precision eye liner pencil that’s one of my fav in my handbag. Its so easy to apply and what I love most about it, is that its soft and you don’t have to put so much pressure on you eye line while applying it. The removal process is a breeze!

•3 – Tweezer from Just Skin aesthetic clinic. I have to say this tweezer is the most cutest pair of tweezers that I’ve ever seen! Tweezing those unwanted hairs just became a little less painful… NOT!!!

•4 – Clarins Paris , Shine Stopper Powder Compact which is my latest addition in my makeup bag. I don’t regret adding this one bit. This is perfect for touch ups during the day and what makes this compact even more lovable is the fact that its a shine control compact which gives me that natural finish look.

•5 – Rimmel London – Glam`Eyes professional liquid liner. I became a fan of this little wand after I saw Lauren Conrad rocking a stunning winged eyeliner look and totally changing my views that Liquid Eyeliner makes you look like Amy Winehouse [ May her soul R.I.P].

•6 – Rimmel London – Stay Gloss which lasts up to 6 hours but still adds that shine to it. I add this after my red lips has faded during the day. It not only smells like caramel but also leaves your lips looking smooth and feeling all to soft and kissable!

•7 – Tip Top Nails – Complete Chaos, this is something that I love! It goes perfectly with my skin complexion and what’s a bonus is that, sometimes I forget to do my nails and I need something that I can slap on fast and dry in an instant… Well Tip Top does that, I’ve used this polish so many times but the bottle is still full. Tazz♥TipTop

That is what my Makeup bag looks like and I’m just all to happy to share it with you… Shocking how small my makeup bag is compared to my huge handbags…
Lipgloss kisses


3 thoughts on “My makeup bag beauties

  1. Cool! Is this what you carry everyday? I totally get what you mean about the sale! That’s what happens to me too. My only staples are my foundation/powder. The rest depends on what is most affordable at the moment. I’m on a Maybelline streak now.

    • Since doing this post I changed a few things in my makeup bag. I actually love bold red lips so Lancome – Rouge in love is something new in my makeup bag. Absolutely love your blog and will be checking in regularly. Its great having people from other countries visiting my blog.

      Thank you!

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