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Its A Wild Olive Thing

On Saturday I had the pleasure of spending some time at the Wild Olive store in Cavendish Square while being captivated by the most heavenly aromas ever.

You know that feeling when walking into a store that immediately makes you feel welcome and not only because of their amazing products but also the inviting feeling that you get when stepping in and being greeted and welcomed by the friendliest staff + smile…

That’s exactly what I got on saturday when I stepped in at Wild Olive and being greeted by Chantelle, the lovely lady at the Cavendish branch. She assisted me with everything I needed to know and definitely made my shopping experience a breeze.

Compliments of Wild Olive I selected R500 worth of products and let me add I walked out with way more than what I expected!
•Rosaria foam bath
•Rosaria bath oil
•Rosaria bath salts
•Buchu & Cranberry soap
•Rose & Geranium, Olive oil soap
•Rose & Geranium body lotion
•Rose & Geranium liquid soap

All those products I got at the 50% off all Bath products promotion which was valid until the 31st of march. #LadyLuckWasOnMySide
For those who don’t know, Wild Olive is also a South African brand and their products are handcrafted and produced by their very own artisans! For those who don’t have time to shop, Wild Olive also has an online store at

I couldn’t wait to use my products and I decided to put it to the test that exact same day. I always end up shopping till my feet hurts and sometimes I just need that “Pick me up”. Well after using Wild Olive’s Rosaria Foam bath, olive oil soap, rose and geranium body lotion and finally the rosaria bath salts for my feet… I got more than just a “pick me up”… More like a Pick me up and whisk me away!

As soon as I turned open the cap of my Rosaria foam bath, it smelt AAHH-MAZING! One small bit in the palm of hand and I was good to go.

My body got one thorough pamper session and my skin is as soft as a babies bottom. Who said that you need an expensive spa treatment to feel relaxed and rejuvenated?! Why don’t you save all that money and head down to Wild Olive and you can pamper your body all winter instead of one day only.

One thing is certain, if ever you wanted Value for your money and the best service ever, look no further than Wild Olive. I’ve never heard or read one negative review of any of their products and I doubt I ever will. This is one store I’d definitely recommend.

*Thanks Wild Olive + Marioara de la Tara + Chantelle for my amazing products and service.*


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