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My Birthday On The Bus

Its my birthday today, I’m turning twenty, I’m going to have a ball and party plenty.

Come join in the fun and celebrate, off to the waterfront we go, let’s not be late.

We’re doing the City Sightseeing blue route tour, where the Cape peninsula is what we’ll explore.

Outside the aquarium we hop on the bus, where the adventure begins and excitement befalls us

As we depart and cruise through the city, we gaze at sights so gorgeous and pretty.

Like true tourists is how we behave, as we sit on the top deck while at us people wave.

As we ascend up De Waal Drive, we experience the scenic beauty which makes our city thrive.

The view is amazing and absolutely stunning, no wonder Cape Town is ranked as Africa’s leading destination for the 3rd year running

We can’t wait to hop off at Kirstenbosch, because the botanical gardens are extremely posh.

The blossoms are bright and the grass is lush green, its the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen.

Let’s hop back on the bus and move along to Hout Bay, we’ll visit World of Birds and watch the monkeys play.

We can then visit Mariners Wharf for a delicious lunch dish, made up of chips and yummy fried fish.

After our scrumptious fish and chips meal, we head down to the harbour to feed the mummy and baby seal.

Back on the bus and all around the peninsula we go, on our panoramic drive as we watch the blue ocean waves move to and fro.

Its delightful smelling the fresh ocean air, and feeling the breeze blow through our hair.

Next stop is the trendy suburb of Camps Bay, where the rich and famous come out to play.

Let’s get an ice-cream from the vendor on the beach, my favourite flavour is chocolina or passionate peach.

Now back on the bus as we head to the final stop, let’s enjoy our last moments on the bus with the open top.

I can’t believe its over quite so soon, no wait, we can still party by the light of the moon.

The day was filled with laughter and fun, I can’t wait for my next birthday when I turn twenty-one.


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