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Malée Magic


So today I’ve started using my new range products that Malée sent me, I have to say that I’m blown away! I smell like a flower from head to toe… Literally! I usually call my monday routine “My Malée Mondays” because I wash my hair with Malée Shampoo and Conditioner then follow with the Verdure Hydrating Body Creme.

What amazes me about Malée is that even after 2 days of using the hair products, the scent is still in my hair and it even rubs off onto your pillow and you get that fresh smell when lying your head down to sleep. I have to admit that my hair is more shinier and looks more healthier since using my Verdure Malée Replenishing Shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner. I’ve been using my Malée Shampoo and Conditioner for a while and I love it that I don’t have to use huge amounts to cover my entire head.

Thanks to the Malée Team I’ve been rocking kissable red lips using Mandarin Orange Lip Balm that’s been protecting my lips from the harsh Cape heat and also makes me want to share Ķιѕѕěŝ all around. Using the lip balm I don’t have to use any gloss because it has its own colour and shine so you actually have two products in one!

Along with my new Malée goodies, I received this really cute tin of cuticle balm that I started using right away. As I applied it I could feel that it started working immediately, I now use it twice a day and my cuticles are feeling much more moisturised and less ragged. Not only does the cuticle balm strengthen one’s nails but also gives it that glow and you can feel the difference.

Something from the new range that I’ve never seen any other brand produce before, would have to be the Verdure and Ochre Solid Perfume. This cute little gadget has my wrist smelling very “eatable”(LOL). Its so easy to pop in my handbag so I end up carrying it everywhere I go.

All Malée’s products ingredients are natural and even the whole range’s packaging has now been converted to eco-friendly, frosted glass bottles. Who wouldn’t want to support a brand who doesn’t only make you feel fabulous but at the same time saves our planet?! #GottaLoveMalée

All in all I would recommend this really amazing beauty brand to anybody anyday! One session with your Malée products and you’ll feel as if you’ve been pampered in one of the most high class spas. There’s no second guessing as to why Malée is in every magazine. With that being said, I leave all of you with Mandarin Orange Lip Balm Ķιѕѕěŝ

If you need some Malée Magic to start your Mondays off with, simply hop on over to :
Phone: +27 0110254506
Go! Go! Go! Don’t be the only one not experiencing the Malée magic!


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