I came, I saw, I snapped a picture!!!

Live Like A Goddess

They say that the most beautiful curve on a women’s body is her smile… And that was proven when 50 girls were greeted with a friendly smile and hearty welcome by Amanda Strydom from the Ava Secrets team.

On Monday the 12 December 2011 , 50 girls were invited out to the Carlton Hair Academy in Claremont and were guaranteed a jam packed day that consisted out of beauty tips, motivational talks and top hair styling from the carlton’s team of experts!

The party started off with yummy Canapés and decadent Berry Mocktails , where all the girls got the opportunity to meet each other and build new friendships.

Karen Burt from Code Teen, gave the girls an inspiring talk and reminded us about all the joys of being a girl and also showed us ways as to how to portray our beauty from both the inside and out. From time to time one always needs the reminder of what a Goddess you can be and Karen happens to be our second voice that utters the words “YOU SEXY BEAST YOU!” (LOL) when waking up in the morning and looking into the mirror.

Carlton Hair’s top hairstylist David Gillsen flew down all the way from Johannesburg to attend Ava’s summer goddess party where he shared all his tips and showed us amazing hair styles to try this summer without breaking your budget but yet have that celeb style look. The messy ponytail and the messy bun made the A-list but the Kardashian curls made with Carlton’s Glamour Wand was definitely the front runner!

After showing us all the trendy hairstyles, the girls were treated to hair make-overs, then some ice cream before continuing the party with skin advice from Tasha, Carlton’s skin pro. Much needed skin advice and guidance were given to keep our skin in tip top shape season in and season out.

Sonja Lotter from Smash-Box Makeup showed us girls how to get the perfect summer look with Smash-Box in less than 10 minutes!

Before ending off our fun filled day, Ava in partnership with Sass Diva & Carlton, gave away AWE-SO-ME hampers filled with great fashion accessories along with makeovers to the value of R2000 from Carlton Hair.

Ava, Sass Diva, Carlton, Smash-Box and Karen Burt sent of 50 newly created Goddesses with marvelous Goodie Bags packed with all our summer essentials to help us be well on our way to being the confident Goddesses that we are!… So Cape Town watch out… If you spot a Goddess on the beach… Just know that she attended Ava’s Summer Goddess Party!

For more info on up and coming events, like the @Ava facebook page.

Love Ava ✗o✗o


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