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Fashion Focus- A designers mannequin.

The obsession with clothes has become many of our passion and we call it fashion!

    What is fashion?

Fashion is your sense of style, glamour, combined with your personality and most of all brings together your sense of innovation that you portray to the world outside.

Most people seem to think that fashion does not apply to them but just waking up in the morning, mixing and matching your clothes and shoes, adding that extra accessories and stepping out, makes you the canvas that designers known or unknown use to showcase their designs and talent on the global catwalk called everyday life!

    What is important when it comes to fashion?

• Being comfortable with what you
wear even if your colours are
eccentric, it just shows your unique.

• Making a statement without saying a word.

•Most importantly, making heads turn! Who knows? You might just start a trend.

Fashion is a universal language that people around the world speaks. All of us are connected even if we don’t know it. Popular television series such as “Gossip Girl” is our connection that links us with one another and sets the tone for new trends to try, be it male or female. One thing that everybody has to remember is that, when one trend might suit a specific group of people, it doesn’t mean that it will suit you as well because each and every individual are unique. Each season fashion icons are shown all over the media bringing back in the 60’s look with timeless pieces such as leggings, the huge framed shades, skinny jeans and even frills and frocks are making its comeback.

When going out shopping for clothes and shoes, think of yourself as a free spirited trend setter that’s out to spoil yourself and always stick to a budget without burning a hole in your pocket . Seasons comes and seasons goes but I believe that every girl should have a LBD (Little Black Dress) in their closet because that’s one item of clothing that never goes out of fashion, it can be dressed up for those glamorise nights or even just match it up with some leggings for that night out on the town with your girlfriends.

For guys, an absolute must have is a smart casual jacket such as a leather jacket that they could wear with a formal pants for those fancy dinner parties and switch it with a pair of jeans when they out on a movie date with their girlfriend or just chilling with the guys.

If you are one of those girls or guys that’s cute in the face and curvy around the waist, it doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on fashionable trends at all! Khloe Kardashian has been flaunting her curves on Miami Beach this past summer and she’s become the role model to many young plus sized girls that’s had insecurities about their bodies.

I don’t do fashion, I am fashion! _ Coco-Chanel

Sometimes you feel that your colours are too bright or your prints are too bold but that’s exactly how a trend starts. One’s colours says a lot about their personality and confidence, there for when you wearing a bold colour, wear it with pride and confidence because confidence is a stain that nobody can erase. We are all born original designs, do not die a reject or replica .Why blend in when you are born to stand out!

Never forget that both girls and guys can wear bags. A handbag is one item that a girl can never leave home without… Go bag or go home! Guys can wear their sling bag to a gaming arcade or even a skate session with the guys.

F – Flawless
A – Attractive
S – Style
H – Hot
I – Innovative
O – Original
N- Necessity

Fashion is timeless, style is second nature… A mirror of the era we live in that describes your state of mind in which decodes your body’s pleasure to live and let go. Fashion has no boundaries, so go the extra mile and give your body the freedom to play around with different colours, different patterns and experience the bold nature of the “70’s hippy look”. Always remember that you might not have the body of Marilyn Monroe in her white dress but you can make your statement in your LBD (Little Black Dress).
Discovering that you have a passion for fashion, that you love scouting out new trends, always having your eyes hooked on celebs and practically living in your favourite magazine, makes you one out of millions of girls and boys that has the same interest and how you put your love for fashion to use is what determines the stylista in you. So never be afraid of what others might say and think about your personal style, just regard them as one of the many fashion critics that the fashion industry has to offer and rock your outfit with confidence!


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