My City Guide

The view from the top /\/¯¯¯¯\/\

I was given the opportunity to take a ride on the wheel of excellence, situated in the V&A Waterfront, Where I got to experience a spectacular view of the mother city, overlooking our ‘wonder’ful Table Mountain. With the sounds of a local Cape Town band that came lingering through my enclosed cabin doors while being some what 50m high in my luxury cabin!

After a lovely hot day spent walking around the V&A Waterfront, I found myself standing in front of the ticket office at the wheel of excellence. I stood looking up at the wheel, mesmerized by its beauty with only Table Mountain peeping from behind the trees. Walking up to my cabin, being greeted by the friendly staff and placed into my cabin that I shared with my sister.

Both of us excited as its our first time on the wheel, we quickly settled in and to our surprise were very impressed with everything that it had to offer! From the flat screen tv to the comfortable seats, to the refreshing air con… And the breathe taking scenery.

With news just breaking that Table Mountain had made the new 7 natural wonders of the world, I was filled with joy with it being the first landmark that we spotted as the wheel made its way around in a circle. I definitely didn’t need reassurance as to why OUR Table Mountain also came out top amongst some stiff competition as the Puerto Princesa Underground River.

As the wheel made its way around, I enjoyed hearing the sounds of seagulls flying across the V&A Waterfront towards the harbor. I looked to the side and saw Cape Town Stadium standing bold and majestic and that made me think back to the 2010 soccer world cup when Cape Town Stadium came to life! It made me proud to live in this city as it was now the World design capital and one of the new 7 natural wonders of nature.

Being able to view the city from where I was sitting was one of the most fun filled experiences that I could ever have encounted! Everything seems so much better with the view from the top. Looking down from the glass doors made me wish for the wheel to never stop turning, I had to print the thought into my head… ” If I don’t get off, how will I get to experience one of Cape Town’s other beauties?”.

One thing is definite… The wheel of excellence hasn’t seen the last of me! For all that’s never been on the wheel of excellence, I would definitely encourage you to experience it and see what our city looks like 50m from the ground!


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