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A tourist in your own city

The holidays are fast approaching and all those looking to leave the city on vacation, why not tuck away your traveling itch and become a tourist in your own city, by discovering the ‘Wonder’full adventures that Cape Town has to offer.

Living in the city, people tend to get caught up in their daily routine, where they forget to experience the finer things that our magnificent city has to offer. There are lots to see and do in Cape Town, even if your aim is to merely relax and spend time away from the busy everyday hustle and bustle, there are many relaxing attractions that are definitely well worth the visit, whatever your taste, preference or budget.     

There are loads of adventure activities ranging from abseiling down table mountain to an adrenaline packed day at Ratanga junction, Africa’s wildest theme park, you can also choose between shark cage diving and wing surfing.


If you are more into cultural experiences than the wild outdoor adventure life there are still lots to choose from. You can go wine tasting and visit museums and even take an informative and fun tour around the city on the CitySightseeing bus.

If this all sounds too hectic for you, Cape Town is also a place where you can just relax and recharge your batteries. Be sure to leave some time for a relaxed scenic drive around the peninsula – you’ll see beautiful scenery from oceans to mountains and vineyards and can stop off at various viewpoints to enjoy a picnic or simply to take it all in.

One should also have fun at night, so go out for a night on the town and experience our widely spread night life which stretches over a variety of pubs, clubs, movies and theatre options to choose from, so you will never have an excuse to be bored!



5 thoughts on “A tourist in your own city

  1. Great Blog! and cooool name! Can’t wait to read your blog and photos on City Sightseeing and the Wheel of Excellence! keep on posting!

  2. Even though I am a born and breed Capetonian I love exploring all that this amazing city has to offer, Have abseiled table Mountain, done many wine tastings, had fun at Ratanga….still gotta try shark cage diving sometime 🙂

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