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What’s in your handbag?!

My obsession of wanting to know what goes on in the handbag of a woman started a few months ago when I entered a competition about “what’s in your handbag”, where a girl claimed that she has all these different essentials with a few odds such as an old moldy chicken bone & some creepy crawlers amongst other… In my mind I just thought “yeah right! You just saying this to win the competition”. As I know or rather thought that one would never gather so many gross things , or at least I wouldn’t.

Till a few weeks back sitting in a crowded bus on my way home I saw a woman searching for her bus ticket, pulling out different things that one would never imagine would be in a handbag for eg. Floor polish. All of a sudden a little spider comes crawling out, having the girl next to her jumping up. In that moment I thought back to the competition and it gave me the reality check of my life!

Since then I’ve been cleaning out my bags all too often and I’ve been known to ask the question “what’s in your handbag” to all my friends. I’ve limited myself to not buying way over sized handbags that would prevent me from storing unnecessary things and just focus on the basics. Some might call me nosey but to me its curiosity. In my handbag I only carry the things I know I might need when leaving home and not my whole dressing table. I absolutely love the saying “GO BAG OR GO HOME” but witnessing different handbag encounters I can truly say that some women gives new meaning to the words “MY BAG IS MY LIFE”.

I heart handbags!


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