I came, I saw, I snapped a picture!!!

That time I met the cast of The Bold And The Beautiful

Growing up in a Capetonian coloured household, you will know the Forrester family better than you would know your family from you fathers side. I remember growing up watching “The bold and the beautiful” with my mom and sisters every night and somewhat being so enrobed in characters and feeling like we knew each other on a personal level.

I came across this competition on the Canal Walk facebook page where you could meet the cast of The bold and the beautiful and of of course I jumped at the opportunity to enter. I knew my odds would be very low as there were hundreds of entries and I would merely be a drop in the ocean.

I entered anyway.

A few days later I got the call to say that I had won and that they would give me a mini makeover to help me look my best on the day. This definitely gave me a little boost of confidence as I was one the first South African fans to meet the cast of The bold and the beautiful. <Insert nerves and excitement here> , I did it anyway!

Being one of the first Capetonian fans to meet the cast of The Bold and the beautiful at Canal Walk shopping centre, was one of the most memorable and once in a lifetime opportunities that will never be forgotten.

The morning of the VIP meet I was welcomed by the staff of Stuttafords in Canal Walk and I was assigned my own personal shopper named Anname and Lancome make-up artist that gave me my makeover.

After our makeover, we got to take a few pictures that later appeared on in the newspaper… I had my few minutes of fame!!! At that moment I truly felt like the most beautiful girl in the world. I was wearing the most beautiful clothes and had my makeup done professionally for the first time.

One of the other winners (we were two) and I were whisked off to the front of the que to meet the stars. Standing in the front of the que amongst hundreds of screaming fans just made the occasion more nail biting and nerve wrecking as I were already nervous, the stars fashionably late appearance didn’t make matters any easier either!

Walking up onto stage, everything suddenly went into slow motion and then finally meeting the stars and being greeted with a smile and hand shake all went by so quickly… But one thing is certain, it will never be forgotten! Later that week I remember watching the whole experience on Top Billing and I wished I could do it all over again.

That day I lived life the bold & beautiful way.




3 thoughts on “That time I met the cast of The Bold And The Beautiful

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  2. Wow what a lovely experience! I almost envy you cape town girl *smiles*! I know for a fact that they would never come to Eastern Cape. You must treasure that moment because it will always be with you.

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