Fashion Fridays: Chunky Rings

There’s just something about huge chunky rings that’s got me weak in the knees. Aside from my one ring that never leaves my finger, I really love huge rings in all shapes and sizes.

No outfit is complete without some piece of accessory. Come warmer days when I pack away my gloves, I’m definitely looking into buying more chunky rings and wearing it with beautiful summer flowy dresses and beach hairstyles.

One thing that’s going to be huge on my list is definitely matching my nail art to my rings. It gives it more of a funky look. At the moment I only have 4 rings, one that I bought, 2 that I got from amazing stores that spoilt me and one that I got from my friend for my birthday.


When it comes to chunky rings “the bigger the better” rule applies. I do however like finding one within budget and that’s colour won’t fade overtime and I found the best ones from Mr Price, Sass Diva, Scarlett Boulevard, 4Flavour, Icandy and Accessorize. They sell the most affordable and fashion forward ones. When walking through the stores, I don’t always buy things but its nice look at and I have an idea of what I’d like to purchase the next time.


I’ve been paging through spring/summer fashion catalogues and chunky statement rings are definitely gracing the pages of many fashion magazines, blogs and websites. I think that I’m not the only one that loves it, here’s my top celebrities rocking the chunky ring trend.


“Rich and rare were the gems she wore, And a bright gold ring on her hand she bore.” -Thomas Moore

Spring Clean Storage


So today we celebrate the first of Spring on this not so sunny saturday in Cape Town South Africa. *Excuse the over use of S’s*

I love DIY projects and I love reading blogs so when I get to do a combo of both then I’m happy. Today I thought it would be the perfect day to spring clean my jewellery collection but sadly I only gave a few pieces away seeing that I wear all my accessories.

Just the other day I read an amazing DIY jewellery storage post on Ms claira bella’s blog and I thought its a great way to store jewllery even though I stored mine in a similar manner but now I’d like to add the photo frame to make it look a bit nicer.

This is currently what it looks like and its still a tad bit cluttered but I’m going to get one big board and put the hooks in with a photo frame. The middle jewellery stand is from Sass Diva but I decided to pin it to the wall. At the moment I’m at a “NO BUYING ACCESSORIES” point till I figured out how to make it look neater.


Till then I’m going to get myself a board and start my DIY project. Thanks Claire for the fab idea and happy spring lovies!

“In spring time, love is carried on the breeze. Watch out for flying passion or kisses whizzing by your head.” – Emma Racine deFleur

Awaiting September

Whooee time is flying… September is on our doorstep and then its three months till summery December! The best way to keep me motivated at all times and not get bored with myself, is to look forward to something even if its just something small. I hate concentrating on the negative and this week I’ve learned so many new things but that’s an entire blog post on its own.

With that being said, last month I did my “Awaiting August” post as I was quite excited for a few little things but now its a new month with new goals, new things to look forward to and new things to try. Here goes!

This month I’m looking forward to : (In no particular order)


1- I really want one of these storage bags from Sass Diva in the form a cute little LBD.

2- With a hectic month its time I proceeded to my 2nd Lauren Conrad book and September is the month I’m reading it.

3- September means a new month, a new season and I’m dying to wear the floral sling back peep toe wedges that’s been staring at me all winter!

4- I think I’ve got a little cyber crush on Scarlett Boulevard so with a tad bit of pressure I’m getting my mommy love to buy me some new things.

5- I’m THEE ultimate Gleek and I can’t wait for season 4 anymore *impatient* *blush*

6- Its a new season which means new facial products , I bought this new kit from Clarins which Ill do a full review on later on.

7- Its just over a month since I last had a Steri Stumpie and I need.want.mustHave one!

Just a few more days to Spring lovies!

City Of Inspiration

As you know I’m pretty much obsessed with my City… Well who wouldn’t be? I do after all live in the World Design Capital and one of the world’s natural seven wonders is right here in the mother city… And that beauty is called Table Mountain!

This past weekend the world celebrated St Patrick’s Day and Cape Town celebrated along with everyone else. On the 16 of March, Table Mountain reflected a really captivating green colour, honouring St Patrick’s Day. It was totally AH-Mazing! Our wonderful mountain looked absolutely breathtaking along with the city lights. I always say that Cape Town’s city lights represents the dreams of many Capetonians and on March the 16th our city’s mountain indeed looked like a dream!

Well, trust me to make each and every occasion about fashion, seeing that we celebrating St Patrick’s Day, I thought why not show you how connected everything really is. In the Mood of St Patrick’s Day, I came up with a “Green” outfit for the ladies that celebrated with a night out on the town.

To me, you can never wear too much green, so in the outfit that I put together, there’s green popping out everywhere!
•This cute little Mr Price Number is gorgeous!
•Those stunning wooden heeled Peep toe heels are from Luella.
•The green hugger handbag is from Square moon bags.
•And lastly, no outfit is complete without some Sass Diva Jewellery!

Seeing that you’re on a girls night out, you have to eat right? Right! Well something light would do. This is how I’m sticking to the green theme by putting together the ultimate girly foodie to nom nom on, from a main dish to decadent choccies.
•Sushi at Baluga, Cape Town’s Fav hotspot where you find sushi like no other.
•Appletiser to quench your thirst -» Appletiser needs no explanation,
•After every good meal, you need some dessert. Why not some choc chip ice-cream!
•Then lastly some Aero choccie to end the night off.

So driving around the city and experiencing its spectacular views, you going to need your own ride! I think the ideal car for a girl and her BFFs would have to be a Mini Cooper [I♥MiniCooper].

There is no doubt that Cape Town is definitely a city of inspiration! Without even noticing, everything in the city are always connected! THE CITY LINKS US! Here’s to celebrating St Patrick’s Day in style.
City Girl Vibe(ˆ⌣ˆ )

Live Like A Goddess

They say that the most beautiful curve on a women’s body is her smile… And that was proven when 50 girls were greeted with a friendly smile and hearty welcome by Amanda Strydom from the Ava Secrets team.

On Monday the 12 December 2011 , 50 girls were invited out to the Carlton Hair Academy in Claremont and were guaranteed a jam packed day that consisted out of beauty tips, motivational talks and top hair styling from the carlton’s team of experts!

The party started off with yummy Canapés and decadent Berry Mocktails , where all the girls got the opportunity to meet each other and build new friendships.

Karen Burt from Code Teen, gave the girls an inspiring talk and reminded us about all the joys of being a girl and also showed us ways as to how to portray our beauty from both the inside and out. From time to time one always needs the reminder of what a Goddess you can be and Karen happens to be our second voice that utters the words “YOU SEXY BEAST YOU!” (LOL) when waking up in the morning and looking into the mirror.

Carlton Hair’s top hairstylist David Gillsen flew down all the way from Johannesburg to attend Ava’s summer goddess party where he shared all his tips and showed us amazing hair styles to try this summer without breaking your budget but yet have that celeb style look. The messy ponytail and the messy bun made the A-list but the Kardashian curls made with Carlton’s Glamour Wand was definitely the front runner!

After showing us all the trendy hairstyles, the girls were treated to hair make-overs, then some ice cream before continuing the party with skin advice from Tasha, Carlton’s skin pro. Much needed skin advice and guidance were given to keep our skin in tip top shape season in and season out.

Sonja Lotter from Smash-Box Makeup showed us girls how to get the perfect summer look with Smash-Box in less than 10 minutes!

Before ending off our fun filled day, Ava in partnership with Sass Diva & Carlton, gave away AWE-SO-ME hampers filled with great fashion accessories along with makeovers to the value of R2000 from Carlton Hair.

Ava, Sass Diva, Carlton, Smash-Box and Karen Burt sent of 50 newly created Goddesses with marvelous Goodie Bags packed with all our summer essentials to help us be well on our way to being the confident Goddesses that we are!… So Cape Town watch out… If you spot a Goddess on the beach… Just know that she attended Ava’s Summer Goddess Party!

For more info on up and coming events, like the @Ava facebook page.

Love Ava ✗o✗o

Every Girl is a princess!

On the 16 of July 2011, Cavendish Square hosted 1000 girls that took a stand against the rape and abuse on teen girls and pledged their name on the AVA treaty wall to show their support towards fellow teen girls facing this struggle.

There were loads of fun activities such as mini make-overs from SmashBox Make-up and Carlton Hair, Amazing prizes from Sass Diva and many more!

I donated a pair of sandals towards the princess project that went towards less fortunate girls and made them feel like the princesses that they are and encouraged each girl to rock their tiaras with pride. It was such a great initiative and being apart of this whole experience was just magical! \̽▴̲̊̽▴̲̊̽̽▴̲̊̽/̽