Fashion Friday: Tartan

Long time no fashion friday! Sheesh this blog started to look like a beauty ONLY blog and in my opinion its a disgrace seeing that fashion runs in my blood and I have to research clothing and textiles all day and make clothes. See how I get off topic as always? Now to chill with my rambling and let me tell you about the recent trend that’s been seen in every store/online store, celebrities and fashion bloggers OOTD.

As you might have picked up from the title of this post, today I’m talking Tartan. The perfect trend setting the tone for Autumn and transcending into Winter. To me this trend just captures AW14 perfectly. With garments that gives off a hint of tartan or garments that goes full on tartan crazy, there’s definitely something for everyone.

Today I’ve put together a list of my ultimate tartan pieces that I’ve been spotting and it just shows how one can slightly incorporate the trend into one’s outfit or go bold. I’m totally loving the hint of tartan in the Boyfriend Jeans from Legit and I think its an absolute MUST HAVE for the upcoming winter months.

♥Shirt – Foschini. ♥Heels – Zando. ♥Dress – Mr Price. ♥ Cropped Jacket – Mr Price. ♥ Handbag – Spree. ♥ Boyfriend Jeans – Legit. ♥ Leggings – Truworths. ♥ Tear Drop Pumps – Mr Price.

Now of course I had to go celeb scouting for this post and see which celebs have been embracing this trend and as per my good friend Google, Rita Ora seems to be queen of tartan. She’s just about worn this trend in every way possible from Chic to laid back “gangster”. This chick knows her stuff. I’m totally adoring her wearing the tartan trend.

Best of all is you don’t have to be a fashionista to rock this trend, its been around since forever. So will Tartan be making an appearance in your AW2014 wardrobe? Gimme a YAY or a NAY!

Must Have Monday: SheWolf

10154334_649036328498901_719292490_nLong time no “Must Have Monday“? Today I’m telling you all about the latest brand under my beauty radar. I’m a huge acrylic makeup organizer fan, you would know that if you’re a regular reader. So lately I’m wondering around the web looking for affordable options because unfortunately I couldn’t attend the 27Pinkx launch in Cape Town where darlings were spoilt to amazing organizers (Major FOMO and hate that I had my awards ceremony that day). Then I stumbled upon a fab new site called She Wolf Products.

Now She Wolf Products is one of the brands that sells Luxury Acrylic Makeup Organizers, Hair Extensions, Jewellery Storage Units, Makeup Brushes and their very own Branded Cosmetics to name a few. They pretty much remind me of the 27Pinkx brand but for the budget girls.

I’m quite intrigued by their makeup line, especially the lipstick palettes and the makeup brushes… Okay and everything else. So obviously I had to make my ultimate lust have list to show you some of the amazing things that you can buy from the SheWolf online store.
When I find a new brand that I love, I make it my mission to report back. Every girl needs some luxury in her life, no? I feel that the founder of the SheWolf products brand, Nadine definitely knows what beauty lovers adores and she customizes each and every organizer to the buyers needs. My fave aspect of some of SheWolf’s acrylic units? The knobs! I L-L-Love it!

Enough with my rambling, check out the SheWolf site for the latest beauty products and must haves!

Connect with SheWolf on:

Facebook: SheWolf Products.

Order via email:

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{Christmas} Shopping With LushBerry

I’ve never seen people more frustrated than those that stand in a queue at a store doing some christmas shopping. Now with the impressive amount of online stores in South Africa, I’ve discovered how to make life a little more easier on the christmas shopping front.

I might not celebrate christmas but I do however have to form part of the masses tackling stores because of my family and friends that do celebrate christmas. I cannot bless the person enough that came up with the concept of Online Shopping and bless the person even more that came up with LushBerry‘s online store.

They are definitely one of those online stores that makes shopping a breeze and their overload of gorgeous things on their online store ensures that your christmas shopping can be done in one location. They have something for the beauty lover, the fashion forward girl and the accessories collector … Or if you’re like me, ALL THREE. I’ve made a list of all the gorgeous things that I know the women in your life would absolutely love.

There’s something for everybody and something to suit every budget. To top things off, delivery is FREE. Its very seldom that you find online stores that deliver’s for free. So to spare yourself the frustration and high blood pressure pop on over to LushBerry for some serious retail therapy in the comfort of your own home! Hint Hint family: Its my birthday next month and that La Pearla handbag is screaming my name!

P.s the LushBerry fairies are in the spirit of giving so click here and enter to win an amazing facemask to get your skin summer ready and healthy.

Fashion Friday: My Top 5 Accessories

Today I’m going to share all my fave accessories that I’ve been loving lately. I’ve got my own mini collection of accessories but there’s always some pieces that I reach for more than others. I can truly say that majority of accessories are from Mr Price. At the moment Mr Price is really wowing me with their Collaborations and on trend fashion/accessories in store.

Now if you’re a regular on the blog you’d know that I’ve got a huge love affair with bangles so obviously I had to include it onto my list. My top 5 summer accessories are:
Gold Headband from Mr Price: This is definitely my summer lifesaver. It keeps my hair out of my neck and it looks supper pretty. With most headbands I tend to get a headache after wearing it for a few hours but not with this one. I got this headband at a steal for only R29.99. There’s so many ways to use it but this is my go to hairstyle.
Owl Cuff from Scarlett Boulevard: I’m so bummed that Scarlett Boulevard closed down. I did however manage to buy a few things before they did. I love owl accessories and this is one of my faves. Its not very bulky like most cuffs and it looks pretty expensive.
Drop feathers gems earrings from Mr Price: This is definitely my most loved pair of earrings for summer. It has this whole boho chic feel to them and they were on sale for only R19.99. If you love colour and feathers … GET THIS!
Spikes style gold and turquoise necklace from Scarlett Boulevard: At the moment I’m thinking of ways to give this necklace a serious DIY. I hate that the colour came off. Being light of complexion made it a nightmare because it rubbed off on my neck (not a pretty sight). I have managed to put clear nailpolish on it to prevent it and it still remains my best neck piece.
Gold “Lady Like” bangles from Mr Price: saving the best for last. The best R30 I’ve spent on accessories. I love that these bangles can’t be separated because that is how I loose them. Another bonus is that they are nickel free. They look so pretty paired with the proper outfit.

Fashion Friday: Boyfriend Jeans

Today my Fashion Friday post is all about the Boyfriend Jeans. This is without a doubt a must must must in your wardrobe. You just cannot go wrong with it and I’m on the hunt for the perfect pair(s).

I’m sure you’ve seen the boyfriend jeans in store and online, which means its HOT on the wardrobe staple list this summer. You’re probably thinking, who wears jeans in summer? Well there’s cropped Boyfriend jeans and I like to think that the distressed jeans holes acts as ventilation holes, No?

I put together an outfit with a budget pair of jeans From Mr Price (You can win HOT fashion for a year, enter here) and higher-end from Style 36 (You can get R100 off voucher) This is how I would wear pair it.
You might be thinking that if you’re not very slender or you’re a curvey darling that you can’t pull this off and don’t want to wear baggy jeans that’s going to add on the kgs. W.R.O.N.G. Opt for a pair of cropped Boyfriend Jeans and you’re good to go!

Now everybody wants in on the action but don’t know how to rock their boyfriend, take a looksee at my celeb picks this week and see how they wore it.Untitled

Love Your Curves With Style 36

Style 36 curveToday I’m trading in my usual Fashion Friday post and bringing you my latest fashion finds. I’m a huge online shopping fanatic but I get really annoyed when online stores tend to neglect the fuller figured darlings! Now I always browse Style 36 for fash inspiration and then stumbled upon their new range for some plus size fabulousness.

Summer is here and there’s no need to look like a granny just because you’re voluptuous. Style 36 has our backs lovies. The prices are quite reasonable and the fash is on trend. I love what they’ve got going on, on the online store. There’s prints, patterns and overall gorgeous summer goodness!

I just had to make my ultimate summer wishlist from the selection of plus size fab over on Style 36 and found it really hard and tempting to not add the entire range onto my collage. I’m also loving the fact that they’ve got a selection of pretty bras, meaning that there’s no excuse why you should wear ugly bras that looks like a bullet proof vest.

UntitledYou can shop the world of brands on Style 36 even if you’re not a fuller figured dahling! Hop on over to their website, you’ll also get a discount voucher on your purchases. Now for some plus size inspiration.
UntitledvvvvHave a great weekend and don’t forget to follow @Style 36 on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

{Win} 12 Months of free goodies!

Now who doesn’t love winning? Today I thought I’d get you in the fashion and beauty loop with 2 fab competitions that you definitely shouldn’t be missing out on. You know that theory, with spring comes new beginnings, new clothes and all that jazz? Well now is your chance to prove that theory correct.

Firstly on the lady luck charm, you can win a 1 year subscription to Rubybox. 1YEAR!
What you’ll win : 12 beauty boxes, jam packed with luxury trial-sized beauty products. Now you have to change your makeup look, hair, beauty products and get the latest and greatest products on the beauty market. This comp ends on the 30th of September so you still have a few days to enter. Just click on the picture bellow and enter your details.300x600_competition

Then saving the best for last. Spring = new outfits! I’m a real Mr Price fan so you can just imagine how crazy I went when I saw this competition. Mr price will be giving away 12 months of Free fashion fabulousness to one lucky dude or dudette! A plus is , this competition is open world wide so there’s no excuse why you shouldn’t enter. Whether its for you, your baby, your guy, your girl, Mr Price has something for everybody. This competition ends on the 25th of November and the winner will be notified on the 26th. Just click on the banner and enter your deets below!MRP_Mailer

As I mentioned above, Spring = New Beginnings that leads right into summer. So this is the perfect opportunity to transform your entire look and put your best fashion foot forward. Get clicking darlings!