{WIN} There’s a story behind every PS : Win a R50 000 shopping spree for you and 3 friends

Today I’m interrupting my travel posts with a MUST READ, MUST LOVE, MUST ENTER giveaway. I’m pretty sure by now that all of you have seen the Cadbury PS ad with the two friends, Khanyi and Lindi where they have the major fallout… Well that comes with the territory of having friends. You know ; the fun, drama, laughter and tears – the key ingredients to any friendship.
I’m a huge friends person, I believe that friends are the family that we get to choose. Over the past 3 years I’ve met some amazing people at campus that I’ve built friendships with and that I hope to keep and the friendships that I’ve had since school years. Then there’s also the incredible people that I’ve met online that will always have a special place in my heart like Desle, Naeemah and Anazo. Not forgetting my BEST BEST BEST friends, my sisters.
But enough with the soppy stuff. If you’re reading my blog, it means that we’re basically friends and friends tell each other things … Now let me share a lil secret with you. The awesome peeps over at Cadbury told me to tell YOU darlings about the fab new comp that they’re running where Cadbury invites viewers to ‘Unwrap The Story’ behind their (Khanyi and Lindi) friendship on the Cadbury P.S. Facebook page.

By unraveling who the girls are, where they met and why they fall out, you darlings stand a chance to win an ONCE IN A LIFETIME VIP SHOPPING EXPERIENCE for you and three friends to the value of R50 000.
I may or may not have envisioned some of my readers squeal with excitement, I know I did. I wish I could enter the comp too, well readers/friends I leave it in your hands. ENTER N-O-W I would love it if a City Girl Vibe reader won and maybe they would consider me as a friend and take me along on the shopping spree … Kidding … NOT. Now while I eat all of the yumminess that is the lovely press drop that I received from Cadbury P.S., you go on and enter!

{Review} LipIce: Summer Ready Lips

Last week the lovely people over at Lip Ice sent me a few products to get my lips Pucker Ready for summer, I Thank Thee. Now everybody already knows that I’m a lip product snob. You mention it, I tried it or have it. I’ve been a Lip Ice user for as long as I can remember. Its probably the first lip product that I had that I could call my own. I’ve witnessed Lip Ice containers change from the oval-ish shape (from the top view) to the tins and now the nifty tubes that they come in.IMG_1829

I was given the Moisture Care, Men Active, Honey Cream Natural Infusion and Cherry. All four with SPF 15 and its own unique fragrance. I love how sturdy the packaging is and how the lid does the “click” sound when you close it. No click? Then you know you haven’t closed it properly. I have quite a few lipbalms that tend to fall open in my handbag and the next thing I know its covered in biscuit crumbs at the bottom of my handbag!

Obviously I went with this one first. If I could describe this scent to you I would have to say that it smells exactly like Raspberry Jelly. It has a slight red-ish shade to it and it enhances my natural lip colour so I can get away with not wearing a lipstick. This lippie is packed with Shea Butter, Natural Moisturiser and Vitamin E. I also wear this over my matte red lippies to hydrate my lips and give it a slight glow. The way it coats my lips is definitely one of my fave aspects.IMG_1838

Men Active
I gifted this to surfer guy friend that believes that Vaseline is the holy grail of lip products. It took quite a bit of convincing but eventually the creature budged. He’s now converted. He loved that it didn’t smell “girly” and that it didn’t wash off when he got washed off… the surfboard that is. He said that his lips felt moisturised and soft even hours after. No more carrying around a heavy tub of Vaseline for you mate!IMG_1830

Honey Cream Natural Infusion.
I was most excited to try this one. I saw the hype that it created on social media a little while back and I couldn’t wait to get my lips on it. You can definitely smell the honey in it and I loved that it didn’t smell earthy like most products with a natural infusion. To me it smells like a vanilla mixed with honey scent. It glided on like butter and had this cooling effect on my lips which I loved.IMG_1831

Moisture Care
The Moisture Care LipIce has a very subtle vanilla scent and not quite as fragrant like the Cherry and Honey Cream Natural Infusion. This one I keep for night time and apply it before going to bed. In the morning I wake up with super soft lips that’s prepped and ready for a lipstick. If I know I’m going to be wearing a very drying lipstick on the day I wear one coat of this under my lippie.IMG_1836

looking to recover from winter and get ready for summer? Then this is your bestie! You can find LipIce products in all major retail outlets like Dischem, Clicks, PnP & Game.

P.s LipIce is spoiling you and your bestie, all you have to do is follow them on Instagram / Facebook/ Twitter and send in a #BestBestiePout picture of the two of you with your LipIce. Get creative darlings! It’ll score you some serious brownie points.

#FreebieFriday with City Girl Vibe

After being very demotivated and not wanting to blog anymore, I’m finally back into it and am trying to produce at least 3 posts a week (Excuse this week, I’ve been super busy with exams before my one week off). I’m happy to say that it was just a phase and the mid year slump that got to me. Today I’m in the mood to give you darlings some goodies because A) I haven’t given away something in a really long time. B) I love this brand. C) To say Thank You to those that stuck with me in my “no blogging” month phase and that mailed and tweeted me to ask where I was.

Summer is coming and we need all the skin pampering that we can get, to get us bikini ready and what better products to use that Clere Active – For Her. I’m a huge Clere fan and I thought that it would be great to share some of my faves with you darlings. I won’t go into too much detail about it because I want you to experience it for yourself and I will later on do full reviews on the products that I’m giving away.
IMG_1734The hamper consists of:
•Nourishing Fresh Body Lotion.
•Revitalizing Body Lotion.
•Skin Protecting Body Lotion with SPF 15 sun protection.
•250ml Nourishing Fresh Body Creme.
•450ml Nourishing Fresh Body Creme.

To enter all you have to do is either enter on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or all 3 to increase your chances.

Like City Girl Vibe Facebook page and post “I want to win a @ClereActive hamper with @CityGirlVibe , prepping my skin for summer, @InsertFriend’sName do you? With a link to this post.

On Twitter: Tweet “I want to win a @ClereActive hamper with @CityGirlVibe, prepping my skin for summer, @InsertFriend’sName do you? With a link to this post

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Comment below with you Twitter, Instagram and Facebook ID

P.s this not a sponsored post, comp ends the 19th of September.

Goodluck darlings. xxx

Music Monday: Brilynn – Chance For Love {Competition}

Today on the blog I’m talking music. Something that I’ve never blogged about before but also to shine some light on some homegrown talent that deserves a mention AND a spot on your playlist. To me the South African music industry is growing at a rapid pace and that brings me to today’s post.

Today I’m talking Brilynn Van Rooyen and also how you can stand a chance to win your 60seconds of fame. For those who are not familiar with this talented Capetonian artist, he reigns from Eersterivier, released 3 albums already and is currently recording, promoting and shooting the 4th one titled ‘Aries’.

A little more about his latest album: He’s been hard at work recording his ‘Aries’ album which will be released in September ’14. According to Brilynn, his inspiration behind the album is Love. His love for Music, Talent and People. If you want a taste of Brilynn’s music, just click here.

Now let me tell you about the fab competition that Brilynn is running; If you’re a Cape Town based couple that’s brave enough to share your love story on Crazy World Productions Facebook page, you might be lucky enough to feature in Brilynn’s new music video called Chance For Love. Brilynn will send his camera crew to the couples with the best stories to document their story, where it’ll be posted on Youtube, whereby the overall winner will be determined by votes AND that’s not all, the top couples with the best stories can we some great prizes. The winning couple will feature in the Chance For Love music video with quite a few other spoils along with it. So there’s definitely no excuse not to enter!

It would be awesome to see a City Girl Vibe reader win this competition, therefore I urge my Capetonian readers to ENTER. ENTER. ENTER!

Connect with Brilynn on:
Twitter: @ChanceForLove
Facebook: Crazy World Productions
Email: brilynn@crazyworldproductions.co.za

{Review} Maybelline – Clear Smooth All In One Powder

Maybelline-logoDarlings, say hello to my new fave friend in my makeup bag and beauty routine. I got sent these awesome Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One Powders to test out and let me add that these nifty little compacts came at just the right time. My trusty Yardley Stayfast Pressed Powder suffered a hard fall so it was time to replace that baby and I knew whatever replacement had to be a really good one because that was my holy grail of pressed powders.
Firstly, I’m a sucker for packaging and I probably say that a lot but its true. If something isn’t pretty I probably won’t notice it and I’m in love with these pretty pastel pink compacts. Inside you’ll find a beautifully sized mirror, the one half is the compact and the other half the sponge which underneath has this clever little compartment with holes where any excess powder can fall through which actually prevents your compact from becoming messy and ugly.
Now onto the review part of this post, I chose shade ‘Toffee 06′ but I can use ‘Caramel 07′ too. This powder claims to:
•Control Shine
•Conceal Flaws
•Even out
•Perfect Tone
•SPF 25

I use this over my BB Cream to set it and also to prevent my face from becoming oily during the day which usually happens when wearing my BB Cream alone. This powder also acts as light coverage which replaces the remaining light-medium coverage that the BB Cream provides. The two just works well together.
What I discovered: I find that I have to use my blush brush to apply this powder. When using the provided sponge applicator it doesn’t apply evenly and comes across as cakey. Then when I use the brush there’s a bit of fallout then discovered that I have to pat my brush on and not twirl it in a circle like I did (Stupid Me).

My verdict: if you suffer from oily skin, need a bit of coverage and protection then this powder is definitely for you. It will even work on combination skin like mine. If you have dryer skin then this will probably not be the best option.

Ill be sharing the remaining powders amongst my beauty blogging buddies so you can read different opinions on it. I found that these powders received some really great feedback from a lot of people and now I know why! Even with my blush over it, it didn’t appear dry or cakey. At R79.95 a compact with 9 shades to choose from, you definitely need this makeup bag  MUST HAVE!

Connect with Maybelline on:
Facebook: Maybelline South Africa
Twitter: @Maybelline_SA

{Review} Revlon – Matte vs Lacquer Balms

wpid-Revlon-Logo-Wallpaper.jpgLet’s talk Matte vs Lacquer. In February the awesome people over at Revlon sent me a stunning little package and I couldn’t wait to get my claws lips into it. They sent me some fab Lacquer, Matte and Kissable balm stains. If you want to read my thoughts on Revlon’s Balm Stain, just click here.
Now I’m already an avid Revlon fan so I know I can expect nothing but the best. I’ve been trying the much hyped about Matte and Lacquer balms for 3 months so I can give my honest opinion on it and try it out thoroughly. The Matte and Lacquer Balms comes in 20 incredible shades that’s jam packed with triple moisture complex of shea, mango and coconut butter.

The staying power of these balms are AH-MAZING! I had to test them day by day because each shade stayed on my lips throughout the day even with eating and drinking. The colour wore off but the stain remained. I tried the 2 lacquer balms first and I’m in love with both of them!
So I’ve been trying the Vivacious (120) and the Whimsical (115) lanquer balms. Just like the balm stains, the lacquer balms also have the peppermint tingle on the lips. You can go for an intense dark fuchsia shade or a really light pink lip when using Vivacious.  With Whimsical there are tiny glitter particles in them that I adore. If I have to differentiate between the two, I’d definitely say that Vivacious is a day shade and Whimsical is more of a night time shade. One thing that I love even more is that these Lacquer Balms are extremely moisturising on the lips.img1400016451562

The two Matte Balms that I’ve been using is Striking (240) and Unapologetic (210). The matte balms are definitely for those that loves a lippie with more of a satin-matte finish. Striking is more of a orange-red shade with warm undertones that lasts round about 5 and half hours. I feel that one has to wait until the entire balm wears off before reapplying it or else you’ll get tiny bits of skin/product on the lips.
Even though they are matte balms, they are quite moisturising on the lips. This should definitely be a staple in every girls handbag… Lippie lover or not. The longevity of the balms will cause it to last way beyond your average lippie which is a total plus in my books.
My Verdict.
Lacquer vs. Matte? Well judging from the tips of my balms, you can probably tell which I’ve been using more. I’m a total Lacquer fan but there’s days where I crave a Matte finish. At R120 a pop it should definitely be in your makeup bag. You can find the lacquer and matte balms at stores like Foschini and Edgars.

Thank You Revlon for the awesome birthday prezzie. You darlings rock my beauty world … ALL-DAY-EVERY-DAY!

Connect with Revlon on:
Twitter:  @RevlonSA
Facebook: Revlon South Africa
Website: www.revlon.co.za


Bloggers And Bags: Cindy Alfino – 3Kids 2Dogs 1Old House #14

Today I take a look into one of my fave bloggers handbags… And guess what? She’s not a fashion or beauty blogger. I love Cindy’s blog because she’s real and its nice being able to read ‘honest realness’ opposed to sponsored beauty/fashion posts. I’ve stopped reading many blogs because it started to look advertisements and I’ve replaced it with mommy blogs, Cindy’s blog is one of them. I love love love taking a look into her life and reading about her family and even learning things even though I’m not a mom or even close it.

Enough with my rambling, take a look into Cindy’s handbag.

This bag was a birthday present from Seth about 3 or 4 years ago.  It used to look a lot less worn even though the strap broke just a week after buying it (hence the knot and random sticky outy bit on the side).  It’s genuine leather though so it might be around for a while still.

I broke up what was in my bag into two categories – What should be in my bag and what shouldn’t.  Disclaimer – I am a Mom of 3.  Nothing is my own anymore.

What should be in my bag:

1. My wallet that I have had since matric,  It could possibly be time to update it.  Actually it’s definitely time.
2. My ID book, you never know when you’re going to need it.
3. A few beauty products – Dermalogica hand/nail cream and lipstick for when I need a bit of a lift.
4. Hot air balloon mirror that I received as a secret santa present last year, it’s so cute I love it.
5. My Carol Boyes business card holder
6. A flash drive that a friend gave me last year this time to put pictures of her daughters party on it.  Obviously because it’s still there it means that I’ll be adding this years pictures before I send it back (sorry Zoe!!)
7. A necklace that Seth gave me that was a total surprise – one of my favourite pieces of jewellery of all time.
8. Probiotics because I was recently on antibiotics and (when I remember to take them) I’m responsible like that.
9. A sweet little key ring that a client brought over for me from Holland
10. Random coins that must have fallen out of my wallet
11. A copious amount of pens although I can never find one when I’m actually looking.

Now, this is a whole lot of stuff that shouldn’t be in my bag but has been for at least the last 6-10 months.  

1. Riya’s sunglasses that she insists on wearing in to school in the morning but then taking off for me to take home when I drop her off.
2. Beauty products and jewellery for my girls – obviously necessary in case they have to paint their nails while at the park
3. Hair ties for the girls.  I swear I used to have a very cute little purse for it but the girls must have gotten hold of it.
4. A ping pong ball?  We don’t even have the game.  In fact no one I know has it either.  How on Earth we have the ball I will never know.
5. Sweets from restaurants.  Seth makes me take them for him to eat later, but he never does. Clearly.
6. A bunch of papers that no longer hold meaning or value.  I know right?  I’m possibly the worst person to do this kind of feature!
7. The girls school photos that I have now forgotten to order in time for 2 years in a row.  Oops :/
8. A pair of rolled up socks.  This one baffles me.  I honestly don’t even know if they’re even clean.
9. I took this thing off my keys like a year ago…  But I didn’t want to lose it, so obviously it’s live here since.
10. I literally had a couple of rocks, acorns and random bits of nature combined with a rogue doll shoe hiding out in my bag.  I never even knew.
11. More hair clips for the girls, because they NEVER have enough!
12. A ring and a sticker.  Because, mother…

I never use the word “lol” in a post but I had a major LOL moment when I read Cindy’s post. Its definitely one of my absolute fave Bloggers And Bags posts that I’ve done over the post 2 years. Thank You Cindy for showing us what you (and your babies) carry around in your handbag. Definitely give ‘3Kids 2Dogs 1Old House’ a read. You won’t regret it.

Connect with Cindy on:
Blog: 3Kids 2Dogs 1Old House

Twitter: @CindyAlfino

Facebook: 3Kids 2Dogs 1Old House