Travels: UAE 2014/15 – Part 1

I’ve been MIA off City Girl Vibe since last year. I’m officially in my 3rd year of varsity and things have been hectic. I think I’m slowly but surely getting back into the swing of things which means my blog will be more active. Yes I’m back from the UAE and its been amazing!


I’ve decided to divide my travel diary into 5 or so weeks for the time period that I was away. This would make reading so much more lighter as opposed to dividing it into “Day 1, Day 2, etc…” and also less lengthy.

My first week in UAE to me was like my first week in school. So much feelings happening in this heart of mine that it totally confused me. Its obviously my first time away from home for such a long time and to be totally honest I felt homesick (Who the heck feels homesick on a holiday?, I never quite understood my brain.) but the excitement of being in a new country, discovering new things and having that much needed break quickly simmered down that homesick feeling.


It felt like I needed 2 days to recover from an 8 hour flight. I slept until 5 that first day I was there because I landed at 1.30 am and being seated next to a germophobe with a stinky attitude and alcoholic like tendencies was just not fun. Obviously I didn’t get any shut eye on the plane. Damn you Emirates for seating me next to this woman!

I didn’t do much exploring or shopping for my first week in UAE but I did however dine out and went to the supermarket at 22.00. By supermarket I mean a Pick n Pay on steroids with whole cooked chickens costing R20 and apple juice R2. No exaggeration here.

There’s so much things that I learnt in my first week while I was there and also things that I had to get used to like their Friday being their Saturday and that their Sundays are their Mondays.

One thing that I didn’t like is that it got dark so quickly. At 5.30 the sun would be long gone. I guess that’s winter for you. Quite a different winter from what I’m used to. Some days I would stand on the balcony and watch the sun go down and all of a sudden see this “thing”, I have no idea what it is/was but it was like a trail of glitter descending from the sky. In my mind I was thinking is it a shooting star? A missile being shot? A bird? A plane? What? What? Nonetheless its safe to say that it freaked me out.

It seems like week 1 in the Arab Emirates just flew by without me even noticing. Well into my second week I’ve come to learn quite a few things and also learnt the ins and outs of the places.


In other related news, I have to say that the weather over there definitely did not agree with my skin. I had breakouts and dry skin on every other day. Its so weird because I never suffer from breakouts … EVER. I had to ditch most of my makeup and skincare products that I would normally use back home and number one being my Avon BB Cream. Even though the sun was not normal UAE temperatures, it somehow just couldn’t withstand the heat. I had to turn to the Emirati women to learn what their fave makeup products are.

My week 2 consisted of lazing around on beach and soaking up the sun. I visited Saadiyat Beach where I fell asleep on the beach for 2 hours and woke up with the most beautiful sunset. I have to say that the crime rate over there always seize to amaze me. I might have mentioned this before but I fell asleep with my handbag wide open, camera and phone lying next to me and woke up with everything as is.


I will be back with some more UAE wonderings later this week. Thank you to those for mailing, tweeting and sending me messages to ask what happened to me. I appreciate it stacks will be back in the blogging game!

Lipsticks I’m loving at the moment

Excuse the beauty overload on City Girl Vibe lately, I am working on other posts to create a bit more of a variety. Nonetheless, today I thought I’d mention my second round of top 5 lippies that I’m loving at the moment. Not only are lipsticks my fave thing to talk about but its also my absolute MUST HAVE beauty/makeup product.IMG_1735

As seen in my collection, I’m starting to wear all the shades that I wouldn’t normally wear like corals. I don’t know when’s the last time I wore a fuchsia lippie seeing that its my absolute fave shade but for now I’m talking my top 5 lippies that I’m loving.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter - My beloved Revlon. Revlon can do no wrong when it comes to lipsticks. Shade 063 in Wild Watermelon has definitely been my most worn lipstick to campus over the past few weeks since its been so hot in Cape Town. I can definitely see myself wearing this shade a lot in summer. This shade embodies spring/summer perfectly and I love that its not highly pigmented but definitely gives a stunning shine to ones lips. It moisturizes amazingly.IMG_1740

Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick - This deep orchid shade has been on my lips more than any other shade this past winter and I already have 2 new ones waiting to be opened. I think this is my most affordable lippie in my stash and it definitely rates in my top 5. Read my full review over here.IMG_1747

Accessorize Lipstick Shade 8 in Pink Pleasure – I have to say that the packaging stole my heart before the lipstick did, especially the diamante top. This feels like a tinted lipbalm on the lips and somewhat reminds me of Maybelline’s BabyLips. I’ve dubbed this lippie my “Sunday Funday” lipstick because its so light and I prefer wearing a lighter lip on a Sunday … Please don’t question my reasoning because I also don’t understand my brain sometimes. Also it smells like coconut. I love me some coconut!IMG_1746

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede in 090 IT GIRL – See? Revlon is dominating my top picks at the moment always. I love the sort of “cracking” sound that these lippies make when you roll it in/out, similar to Stila’s Lip Glaze. But that’s definitely not why I love this lippie. When applying this lipstick it feels like liquid silk being applied to the lips. In my opinion, this is the best lipstick to use when you’re recovering from chapped winter lips but still want to wear a bit of colour on your lips.IMG_1745

Rimmel Lasting Finish in 170 Alarm - Where do I start with this lippie? Firstly its the best red lipstick that I have in my collection. I promise its one of those lipsticks that can compete with the likes of MAC’s RubyWoo and Russian Red. The lasting power of this lipstick is incredible and and it fades evenly. I’m definitely repurchasing this lippie in bulk.IMG_1743

And that’s a roundup of all my fave lipsticks at the moment. Now I need suggestions for new ones?
P.s Keep in mind that the colour swatches are obviously way different when on the lips.

Factory Shop Expo 2014

Untitled-2Last weekend I attended the Factory Shop Expo and my regulars knows how much I love expos. So the amazing darlings at the Factory Shop Expo granted me with my media pass and of course I jumped at the opportunity and accepted it gladly because I wanted see what was happening at the expo this year and what CHEAP CHEAP goodies I could snatch up.

I went with the intention to spend R300 only because darlings, if I want to do a little something something at the end of the year (Ill fill you in later) ; I gotta save save save. I went to the expo on the Sunday so by then most of the good stuff was sold and the place was rather empty compared to the Saturday that I went last year. I prefer it that way because then I had more time to browse and move.
At one of the stands I finally found the R4000 suitcase that I’ve been dying to get at only R1500. I haven’ purchased it … But I will. I loved this stand because they sold designer bags and luggage at a fraction of the price and of course yours truly wants everything.
I spent most of my time and moola at the NYX stand. They had some stunning goodies that’s been on my lust have list since forever. All 3 my NYX purchases were less than R200. I haven’t used any of the makeup that I bought because I’m still standing firmly on my “You open it, you finish it” policy so look out for those reviews later on. I have however used my Tampered Powder Brush. Let’s just say I’m in love with it. At R20, I wish they had the entire range!
All in all I love how well organised the expo was. I can already see this becoming a tradition in the future. If there’s only one expo that I can attend every year? This would be it! Thank You Kerin for my pass. It was fun.

P.s excuse the bad quality image, I will update it later today. I had to snap it in jiffy before leaving for campus this morning.

City Lodge: #CityEscapes – Touring The City {Part 2}

Today I’m back with part 2 of my amazing stay at Road Lodge Cape Town International Airport. So when I got the offer to be a tourist in my own city, of course I was ever so ready to play the part. My aunt is visiting us from Dubai so I thought that it would just be fitting to take her along and see what she’s been missing out on while living in the UAE.


She’s never been on the City Sightseeing Cape Town bus and its a “Must” for every Capetonian or someone visiting. Everybody knows how much I love Cape Town’s beloved red bus so obviously it was the first thing that we would do. We drove around the Cape taking in the sights and sounds. The weather definitely started changing but that didn’t put a damper on the mood.


We hopped back onto the bus and got off at the last stop which is the V&A Waterfront. I love love love cruising the waters of the V&A and I knew the waters would be a bit rough because of the weather but being the stubborn noodle that I am, I didn’t let that put me off. Seeing that I’ve already cruised the canal on City Sightseeing Cape Town’s Shosholoza , we decided that the Jolly Roger would be right on point. We got entertained on board and I have to stay that I felt like a kid … Which is a good thing in my opinion.


Bringing out my inner tour guide, she wanted to see Cape Town from a bird’s eye so obviously The Wheel Of Excellence was next on the cards. My aunt felt that it gave her a taste of London and we could even see Table Mountain while rotating in a 360 degree angle.


After the adventurous day, we headed back to Road Lodge Cape Town International Airport where we ordered in. I have to say that it was amazing getting back in to our cozy room after being out in the cold all day and the hot shower after? PERFECTION. Who knew that touring Cape Town would be this affordable. Staying over in the Cape for 24hours? Follow this guide! Easy on the pocket, loads of fun and leave your heart behind because you’ll definitely be back for more. :-)

*A huge Thanks to Natasha and team for making my stay and touring such a pleasure. I had loads of fun!

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City Lodge: #CityEscapes {Part 1}

City-Lodge-LogoI’ve been a bit very scarce on the blog and I needed back my blogging mojo. This was in the form of a mini break while still doing some “blogging work”. A few weeks back I was invited to come stay over at the incredible Road Lodge Cape Town International Airport. Of course I didn’t have to think twice before accepting the invitation because its one hotel that I’ve never been to and let me add that it was all sorts of amazing.
Firstly upon arrival the friendly staff greeted us with warm ‘Hellos’ and was very eager to accommodate us when wanting to change rooms to a room that allowed smoking, which is something that I appreciate seeing that we’re always on the receiving end of bad service. I appreciate it when staff goes the extra mile. Definitely a brand plus.
We got shown to our cozy little room on the 2nd floor where we immediately felt at home. The room was equipped with its own flat-screen tv, en-suite and heater to keep you warm in the BRRRR Cape Town weather. I loved that we didn’t have to peep out the window to check on the car the entire time as the premises had security 24/7.
One of the main aspects that I loved about staying over at RLCTIA is that everything is so accessible. Darlings, I’m talking walking distance to Cape Town International Airport where you can shop till you drop … heck even hop on a plane to Bali. From cab services to stay in “Mr Delivery” services or even room service, whatever tickles your fancy.

This hotel is absolutely one of the most user friendly and convenient hotels that I’ve ever stayed at. In my opinion, it would not only be great for people stopping over in Cape Town for a couple of hours but also its easy on the pocket. You’ll be experiencing 5☆ and the fraction of the price.

Check back tomorrow for my Part 2 of my amazing weekend at Road Lodge Cape Town International Airport and how I was a tourist in my own city.

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These days I’m getting so “Lately” happy that the space between my lately posts are even smaller. I feel that life changes so much in a space of a week that it makes one realise that life happens even without you noticing. I promised frequent posting but my first week of holiday I actually dedicated to just relaxing but managed to squeeze a post in or two. Blogging on holiday has proven to be quite a mission because I’m blogging and editing pictures from my phone and that’s not the easiest job in the world. But enough with my rambling. Here’s what’s been happening in my life…


Yesterday… I shopped AGAIN and now I’m broke AGAIN.

Sunday… I started fasting. To me, Its one of the most spiritually uplifting months and definitely my favourite time of the year. The month where I see the most growth in my life on every level. With that being said: I would like to wish all my readers and supporters a Ramadan Kareem.

So far… I’m loving my holiday. Its one week in and I’m already lazy.

I can’t stop watching… “Pad na jou hart”. This is by far one of the best movies I’ve watched this year.

At the moment… I’m feeling nostalgic.

I believe… Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

I’m fascinated by… The story behind “shadows of Hiroshima”. I recently stumbled upon it while Googling a few things and it gave me the chills! Google it, I know you want to. ;-)

I feel… That I need to make a few changes on the blog.

I know… That friends are the family that you get to choose.

It seems… Like time is flying and there’s just no stopping this train that is 2014. I can’t even believe that we’re in the second half of the year.

{Review} Glysolid Glycerin Cream

Half of the goodies that I’m supposed to review are chilling at home while I’m on 3 days holiday with only my current face/body routine products, so I thought why not blog about some products that I’ve been using and that didn’t have the opportunity to make it onto the blog. Having family and friends that lives in the Arab Emirates means that I get to try a lot of different products that’s not available here in South Africa and also get to experience all the cult faves that the beautiful women over there consider as the holy grail of body lotions, face-creams, perfumes or whatever .IMG_20140616_174540

Today Ill be reviewing the Glysolid Glycerin cream that has been my lifesaver over the past few weeks. I know that this is going to be my go to product this winter so I’ve been using it sparingly because I want it to at least last till then. As stated on the tin “Its a formula that helps sooth, soften and protect rough, chapped and extra dry skin on the hands, feet and entire body.”

All of the above mentioned facts; ALL TRUE. I used this cream all over besides my hands. Its a tad bit too sticky/oily on my hands maybe because my hands sweat so much especially in warmer weather. I love using it as a moisturizer on my body. It hydrates my skin perfectly. I think if it didn’t make my hands this sticky I would absolutely adore it. I do however use it as  a cuticle  balm.IMG_20140616_175258

I love that it comes in a tin form because I tend to chuck everything in my handbag and leaking lotions are all too familiar to me. My bestie used these on her lips (I’m not that brave, Ill stick to my LipIce) and said that it moisturized her lips for a long period of time.

So I hopped onto Google and spotted the Glysolid website, This brand will be available in stores soon!