Must Have Monday: SheWolf

10154334_649036328498901_719292490_nLong time no “Must Have Monday“? Today I’m telling you all about the latest brand under my beauty radar. I’m a huge acrylic makeup organizer fan, you would know that if you’re a regular reader. So lately I’m wondering around the web looking for affordable options because unfortunately I couldn’t attend the 27Pinkx launch in Cape Town where darlings were spoilt to amazing organizers (Major FOMO and hate that I had my awards ceremony that day). Then I stumbled upon a fab new site called She Wolf Products.

Now She Wolf Products is one of the brands that sells Luxury Acrylic Makeup Organizers, Hair Extensions, Jewellery Storage Units, Makeup Brushes and their very own Branded Cosmetics to name a few. They pretty much remind me of the 27Pinkx brand but for the budget girls.

I’m quite intrigued by their makeup line, especially the lipstick palettes and the makeup brushes… Okay and everything else. So obviously I had to make my ultimate lust have list to show you some of the amazing things that you can buy from the SheWolf online store.
When I find a new brand that I love, I make it my mission to report back. Every girl needs some luxury in her life, no? I feel that the founder of the SheWolf products brand, Nadine definitely knows what beauty lovers adores and she customizes each and every organizer to the buyers needs. My fave aspect of some of SheWolf’s acrylic units? The knobs! I L-L-Love it!

Enough with my rambling, check out the SheWolf site for the latest beauty products and must haves!

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Must Have Monday: Kardashian Beauty

khroma_beauty_logoIts like music to my ears when I hear that a new brand will be launching in South Africa. It really makes me feel that SA is getting there slowly but surely. Last week it was said that Kardashian Beauty will be releasing in South Africa on the 15th of November, in all Stuttafords stores. So obviously I want to try it all.

khromaheader-1Now whether you like the Kardashians or not, their makeup always looks flawless! I’m in awe of their different makeup looks and how they seem to pull off every look effortlessly. Well now’s your chance to get that picture perfect look this spring/summer/autumn/winter. If I look at the prices of their products in the US, I think that its quite reasonably priced and there’s definitely a few key items that I’m lusting after in their makeup line.

UntitledI made a list of all the goodies that I need.want.must-have and came up with quite a few products that I’m keen to try out and will definitely be purchasing. There’s some items that every girl absolutely must have in their makeup bag. I love that there’s a wide variety of products to suit everybody and I’m most of all looking forward to their lip products.

Be sure to check this brand out as soon as it hits Stuttafords stores on the 15th of November. Follow @KBeautySA on Twitter for news and updates on everything FAB!

Will you be purchasing anything from the Kardashian Beauty line?

Must Have Monday: Oilily

logo oililly


Happy Monday lovies! I always mention how I LOVE LOVE LOVE stumbling upon new brands and its amazing when they’re available in South Africa. Just the other day I fell head over heels in love with a brand called Oilily, after spotting my bestie’s purse. She did however mention that it was bought in Holland so I had a *BLEH* moment thinking that we probably wouldn’t find it in South Africa. Then of-course I had a bit of a Google light bulb and found that they do indeed have an online store and a few selected stockists here in South Africa.
What is Oilily you ask?

Oilily is a Dutch brand that was founded in 1963 and sells a variety of goodies ranging from Handbags, wallets, women’s clothing, kids clothing and way more. Oilily initially only sold Kids clothing, but later evolved into something huge… Something spectacular.

I loved the quality and texture of my friend’s purse. Its definitely worth investing in and would last you a good couple of years when looked after.

I really like how you can find something for everybody and besides that, all their goodies are prettiness overload. The pops of colour in the Oilily range screams S-U-M-M-E-R must haves! If I had loads of moola, I’d probably blow everything in 5 minutes shopping up a storm. I feel that everything in the Oilily range is reasonably priced so you don’t have to spend lots of money on spoiling yourself or getting somebody the perfect gift.

So of course with the finding of a new brand that’s right up my alley, I gotta have a lust list too. I made up a list with all my Need.Want.Must-Have items. I would’ve added everything on if I could, but I had to behave myself just a lil. I’m particularly gaga over the red messenger. Agreed?! I so see myself rocking that baby all summer.Untitled

Must Have Monday : Mavala

I love trying new brands ALL THE TIME and discovering that their products works wonders is always a plus for me. I’ve heard about Mavala before but never knew that they made other products besides nail polish alone.

I’ve been browsing Mavala’s website and fell in love with so many of their products and ofcourse I want everything. I can’t believe that I only became aware of Mavala last year and they’ve been around for many years! (I’ve been living under a rock… Table Mountain ofcourse!) I need to get Mavalafied and I need to get Mavalafied SOON. Here’s my Mavala lust list :
I was fortunate enough to try one of Mavala’s “show time” collection polishes and I’ve been smitten ever since. I’ve tried so many glitter polishes before and I always end up disappointed because the glitter never rubs off or sticks to the brush/applicator. I achieved this look with one coat only. I’ve worked in water all week and its still like the first day I applied it. This might just be my new fav nail polish brand. I need more!
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Must Have Monday : Hey Gorgeous

11390_473694862695762_799510580_nHappy Monday lovies! Just the other day I was saying how happy I am when I discover a new brand and even happier when I discover that the products that they produce are locally made and even happier x2 when its 100% organic. Well today I bring you a new brand called “Hey Gorgeous”.

I recently stumbled across this brand and it was love at first sight! Hey Gorgeous produces everything from body polishers, moisture drenching creams, soothing balms, skin masks, lipglosses and hair products. One thing that definitely caught my eye was the price of their goodies. Its so easy on the pocket. Usually with organic products you end up paying way more than with “normal products”.heygThe variety of pamper products are endless. It also makes for a stunning birthday gift… I know I wouldn’t mind getting some for my birthday (Hint Hint family). I’m pretty sure everybody would agree with me when I say that their products look good enough to eat! Ice-cream and cupcakes without the calories right?!heyheyI can’t wait to shop from them and you should too! For any info/orders , feel free to email the darlings of Hey Gorgeous on or like their facebook page over here . *Images all from Hey Gorgeous*

Must Have Monday : Diaries

Its been a while since I did a “Must Have Monday” post so I thought I’d kick off my blogging week with one. This week my Must Have Monday post is all about the new year and something that all of us need and should have.

I’m pretty sure majority of you dudes and dudettes are back at work, university/college starts soon for first years, school kids start this week and… You catch my drift… And I’m sure everybody needs a new diary or notebook right? Right! If you like me, that loves writing or even need one for work/university/school/business ,then shopping for a new diary is like being a kid in a candy store not knowing where to start first.

There’s quite a huge variety of 2013 diaries on shelves now or if you’re planning on using yours for more than a year, then opt for a notebook. I’ve put together my fave diaries and notebooks that I spotted in stores and online with a mixture of bargain buys and ones that’s a bit of splurge.
diaries 2013
I’m personally not someone that’s keen on spending lots of money(over R200) on a diary or a notebook so I always go for more of an affordable one. I’ve got 3 at the moment. One from Typo, One from Kimmidoll (Exclusive Books) and a Fashionista one that my sister bought me for university this year. You’re probably thinking… Why 3? well, the Typo one is for my handbag, the Kimmidoll one is for notes/blogging and the Fashionista one for university.
my diaries
So that’s my top diaries and notebooks for 2013. For all those starting university, going back to work and school, starting a new job, venturing out on their own, all my best wishes to you for the new year.

Must Have Monday : SLAP WATCH

slap watch logo
A few months back I blogged about Slap Watch (the only watch I wear) and I’m still loving it to bits. I mentioned that I don’t like watches but for some reason I just LOVE wearing my Slap Watch. The awesome people over at SLAP™ WATCH decided to spoil me with my fav colour Slap Watch and of course I’m in love with it.
Since I last blogged about Slap Watch, the Slap fairies have been busy busy busy! New Slap SLAP™ WATCH were launched and its looking more trendier than ever. The thing with SLAP™ WATCH is, you can buy a few watches and switch their faces to match your outfit so you’re never bored with it.

I’ve had many watches that slaps around your wrist and to be totally honest, its just a waste of time (no pun intended) and money. After a few weeks, the band becomes worn out and it doesn’t slap at all. I can truly say that my SLAP™ WATCH still “slaps” and wraps around my wrist months after. Shockingly due to the fact that I slap mine so much. I’ve said it before and Ill say it again “IF IT DOESN’T SAY SLAP, IT’S NOT A SLAP™ WATCH”, so don’t go out buying fake shit stuff! Buy the real deal at hot online fashion.
If you’re still on the lookout for christmas gifts, Slap Watch has made matters easier for you. There’s a huge selection of colours and fashionable prints for both male, female and kids(Slap Watch Junior). This makes for an amazing christmas gift and would be perfect to count the new year down, right?!