{DIY} Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezey.

When life hands your lemons; you don’t make lemonade, you don’t add tequila… Noooo! You make/start a DIY. I’m a real lemon lover so obviously I always have them in my house. Today(a week ago since doing this post) I’m just sitting here staring at my beloved lemons thinking of more ways to use them other than in my water and a few drops in my shampoo to combat a dry itchy scalp.

Everybody knows that Lemons are packed with Vitamin C and Vitamin C is known to be utterly beneficial in ones beauty routine and the aging process. I did a bit of research and by research I mean I took to Pinterest before doing this DIY because I wanted to see which area lemons really targeted before actually whipping up the DIY and then prevent me from wasting my goodies.IMG_1840

Milk baths and facials fascinated me. I knew I wanted to try it with milk and I decided to go with a lemon and milk cleanser. This DIY seriously uses only 3 products.IMG_1849

•Your favourite facial oil.

Apart from my Pinterest research, I read that Vitamin C reverses sun damage (obviously not all) and seeing that summer is on our doorstep this is a win win situation. I also discovered that ones skin loses its natural Vitamin C as we age so this a win win situation x2!

Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a container, add 3 table spoons of milk, a few drops of your favourite facial oil and you’re done!

- The natural AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) in lemons and the lactic acid in milk also
remove dead skin cells.
-Facial oils are hitting SA by storm so there’s definitely a huge variety to choose from such as the new Lipidol. I however swear by my Balm Balm Little Miracle Rosehip Serum.IMG_1853

I leave my mixture in the fridge for about an hour then apply it. I leave it on my face until I feel my face becoming a bit tight and that is when I remove it. When having the milk and lemon cleanser on your face, you can actually feel a tingly feeling on your face so you definitely know that this mixture is working its magic. After I’ve washed it off my face I apply my moisturiser.

And that’s it. Easy Peaszy Lemon Squeezy!

P.s you can substitute the milk for plain yogurt if you want more of a facemask effect.

{Review} LipIce: Summer Ready Lips

Last week the lovely people over at Lip Ice sent me a few products to get my lips Pucker Ready for summer, I Thank Thee. Now everybody already knows that I’m a lip product snob. You mention it, I tried it or have it. I’ve been a Lip Ice user for as long as I can remember. Its probably the first lip product that I had that I could call my own. I’ve witnessed Lip Ice containers change from the oval-ish shape (from the top view) to the tins and now the nifty tubes that they come in.IMG_1829

I was given the Moisture Care, Men Active, Honey Cream Natural Infusion and Cherry. All four with SPF 15 and its own unique fragrance. I love how sturdy the packaging is and how the lid does the “click” sound when you close it. No click? Then you know you haven’t closed it properly. I have quite a few lipbalms that tend to fall open in my handbag and the next thing I know its covered in biscuit crumbs at the bottom of my handbag!

Obviously I went with this one first. If I could describe this scent to you I would have to say that it smells exactly like Raspberry Jelly. It has a slight red-ish shade to it and it enhances my natural lip colour so I can get away with not wearing a lipstick. This lippie is packed with Shea Butter, Natural Moisturiser and Vitamin E. I also wear this over my matte red lippies to hydrate my lips and give it a slight glow. The way it coats my lips is definitely one of my fave aspects.IMG_1838

Men Active
I gifted this to surfer guy friend that believes that Vaseline is the holy grail of lip products. It took quite a bit of convincing but eventually the creature budged. He’s now converted. He loved that it didn’t smell “girly” and that it didn’t wash off when he got washed off… the surfboard that is. He said that his lips felt moisturised and soft even hours after. No more carrying around a heavy tub of Vaseline for you mate!IMG_1830

Honey Cream Natural Infusion.
I was most excited to try this one. I saw the hype that it created on social media a little while back and I couldn’t wait to get my lips on it. You can definitely smell the honey in it and I loved that it didn’t smell earthy like most products with a natural infusion. To me it smells like a vanilla mixed with honey scent. It glided on like butter and had this cooling effect on my lips which I loved.IMG_1831

Moisture Care
The Moisture Care LipIce has a very subtle vanilla scent and not quite as fragrant like the Cherry and Honey Cream Natural Infusion. This one I keep for night time and apply it before going to bed. In the morning I wake up with super soft lips that’s prepped and ready for a lipstick. If I know I’m going to be wearing a very drying lipstick on the day I wear one coat of this under my lippie.IMG_1836

looking to recover from winter and get ready for summer? Then this is your bestie! You can find LipIce products in all major retail outlets like Dischem, Clicks, PnP & Game.

P.s LipIce is spoiling you and your bestie, all you have to do is follow them on Instagram / Facebook/ Twitter and send in a #BestBestiePout picture of the two of you with your LipIce. Get creative darlings! It’ll score you some serious brownie points.

{Review} Victoria’s Secret: Such A Flirt – Bath & Body ♥

Let me start off by saying that I’m lucky… Very lucky when it comes it using products that I wish were available here in South Africa, that’s not. Majority of the products that’s been reigning in my top beauty products of all time would have to be spoils from Desle. As you’ve seen over the past few weeks, a lot of the products that’s been mentioned on the blog were gifts from Desle that she purchased here locally and some all the way from Qatar. Eeeek how spoilt am I?IMG_1817

So obviously when I received my HUGE birthday box from Desle back in January, I opened my box to two ever so beautiful pink bottles that I could smell even before opening the products. Now everybody knows Victoria’s Secret, right? RIGHT! All of us wants to smell like “an angel”. To say that I was over the moon when I saw these two products in my box would be an understatement.IMG_1826

I went with the hand and body cream first because its obviously the product that I could use right away. When lifting the lid, this fruity, watermelon and strawberries like scent comes oozing out. Its like summer in a tube! I love how it “coats” my skin leaving it feeling super soft and moisturized. The consistency is thick but not to the point where it leaves your skin feeling weighed down or greasy. The fragrance lasts on my skin for quite a few hours and gets absorbed into my clothes (not leaving stains) but gives your clothes such an incredible scent even the second time you wear it.IMG_1825

Then next up I used the body wash. Now with body washes, if it can be used in my footspa then we become besties. This lathers up incredibly well and fast when I turn it to the foam setting on my footspa and a little goes a long way. This body wash is packed with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E which is all contributing factors to cleansing, soft and smooth skin. Who doesn’t want that in a body wash? It smells just like the hand and body cream and I find that the scent lasts all day when used together. This body wash is not very thick in consistency and I like that about it because its not a constant battle to get product out of the bottle as with most body washes.IMG_1818

Joburg beauties, you can get excited now. I know that you know that Victoria’s Secret will be opening in Sandton very soon and I hope that they have an extensive beauty range that you darlings can choose from (insert jealous emoji here). But for now Ill being using my two products sparingly.IMG_1819

What’s your thoughts on Victoria’s Secret products? Is it worth all the hype?

P.s products shots taken a few weeks ago.

{October} Breast Cancer Awareness Month – City Girl Vibe goes pink.

UntitledEvery year October, City Girl Vibe goes pink and tries to create awareness concerning the early detection that is breast cancer.

I love it when brands come up with ways to support breast cancer awareness and create campaigns where proceeds goes to organizations that help women fight this life threatening disease. Its so easy to lose sight and think that “it will never happen to me” but according to CANSA;  Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in women of all races, with a lifetime risk of 1 in 35 in South Africa.

There are so many ways that you can support or create awareness when it comes to BC whether it is purchasing a ribbon, an item where all proceeds goes to an organizations that supports the cause, wearing pink clothes or makeup or even as simple as an SMS donating R20 by texting the word Pinkdrive to 40158.Breast Cancer

Here’s a two events happening around South Africa that you can participate in:

♥Avon Justine iThemba Crusade of Hope breast cancer Walkathon 2014.
-Date: 26 October 2014
-Venue: Marks Park Sports Club, Emmarentia, Johannesburg
-Early Entry Fee:
Early entry: R95 per adult, R75 for children 12 years and under, children under 2 walk for free and do not need to be registered. First 16 000 successfully registered entrants guaranteed an event goodie bag including an event T-shirt.

♥ PnP Women’s Walk Germiston

-04 October 2014
-St. Catherine’s Convent
Walk Starts : 08h00
-Enter online at www.pnptickets.co.za
Adults: R40.00 under 18´s R20.00


Bloggers And Bags: Chloe – Wasted Fashion #16

UntitledToday I’m back with another installment of Bloggers And Bags after a really long time. I kinda missed peeking into other blogger’s handbags so I thought that I’d get back on it and have some amazing bloggers lined up so keep an eye out!

One of the first blogs that triggered my love for international blog reading would have to be Wasted Fashion. I loved reading about Chloe’s adventures while she still lived in Singapore (now Las Vegas) while totally admiring her sense of quirky style. Chloe is the first international blogger in my Bloggers And Bags series so definitely check her blog out and share the love. IMG_1107
Here goes.

I change bags every couple of weeks because I like variety and I want to give enough attention to all of them. My signature look is crazy bright COLOURS and kitsch. I’m perfectly okay with someone calling me tacky or juvenile. I’ve been told I don’t look quite 36 so I’m stretching that buck for as long as I can!handbag

This is a Betsey Johnson bag. It’s got a detachable and adjustable strap so I can wear it as a sling or a cross-body. I got it earlier this year and it’s only about 6 months old. The pink bow detail does make it quirky and perhaps a little unbecoming for someone my age but I’ll be the first to admit that it doesn’t bother me!

For the last week or so, this is what I’ve been carrying:IMG_8050

1. KATE SPADE long wallet
2. Pocket tissue paper
3. BURT’S BEES Hibiscus Tinted Lip Balm
4. CHANEL Rouge Allure lipstick in 94 Extatique
6. MAC Creme Sheen in SpeedDial
7. WRIGLEY’S Doublemint gum
8. RAY-BAN ladies cat-eye sunglasses
9. Purple external battery tube for my phone
10. DIAL Hello Kitty hand sanitizer
12. KATE SPADE key ring with house keys, Jeep Wrangler key, mailbox key etc
I would put my pink iPhone 5C on the list and in the photo except I don’t usually lug it in my bag (mostly in my hands) and I’m using it to take pictures for this!

Thanks for reading!! See more of my looks on instagram @wastedfash10n or check out more detailed posts on my blog wastedfashion.wordpress.com
A huge thank you to Chloe for showing us what you carry in your handbag. Don’t forget to connect with Chloe on the above mentioned platforms!

Empties #2

Its been a few weeks since I did my 1st Empties post and now I’m back with round 2 seeing that I’ve finished a few more products. I’m pretty impressed with myself and how I’m sticking to the “you open it, you finish it” theory. Its been working!
Today I’m sharing some of my absolute fave products with you and I can’t even imagine my beauty routine without 3 of these products. Its products that I swear by and guess what? They’re affordable!

Revlon Flex: Mild Care
This is my holy grail hair shampoo and conditioner. I’ve used brands that triple in price but none of them comes even close to Revlon Flex. This is the only Flex duo that I can use because its gentle on my scalp whereas the  Revlon Flex Balance (Healthy Shine) irritated my scalp. I love how it cleans my hair and how the conditioner gives it this salon quality shine. It works amazingly when it comes to putting life into dull hair and hydrating those split ends (even though a trim is recommended). I’ve learnt a nifty new trick where I use this duo but Ill share it on the blog later on. What’s even more amazing about this Shampoo/Conditioner duo? The price! If my memory serves me correctly, it retails for R19.99 a bottle. WIN WIN!IMG_1802

Will I purchase this again? Absolutely!

LOVE Forever: Hand and Nail Cream.
I popped this hand and nail cream into my basket at Clicks some time last year December when they had a huge beauty sale and I somewhat just forgot about it in my stash. Then trying to make space for new products in my stash I somehow rediscovered it and remembered why I loved it so much. The fragrance of this hand and nail cream is quite girly and reminds me of Tinkerbell products. Its great at hydrating your hands and also prepping it for any nail treatment. One of my biggest concerns when it comes to nail and handcreams is that it’ll make my hands sticky, luckily this didn’t.IMG_1805

Will I purchase this again? Probably. It doesn’t top my best hand and nail creams but its definitely in the top 5.

Sally Hansen: Insta Brite.
I loved darker shades of nail polish and we all know the aftermath of dark nail polish. I used this product religiously when after suffering from stained nails and was so grateful that Desle gave it to me. Maybe when I get back into nail art and nail polish, Ill realise the real value of this product again.IMG_1811

Will I repurchase this again? IF I should get back into nail polish, then absolutely!

Clarins: Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel.
I’m saving the best for last because this is the best discovery in beauty that I’ve encountered this year. I have overly sensitive skin and finding a product that doesn’t trigger irritation is a constant battle, especially in a good face wash or cleanser. This is another product that Desle bought for my birthday and I swear its the best skincare product that I’ve used to date. No irritation, cleans well and even minimizes pores. I love the consistency of this cleansing gel and it also leaves my skin feeling super soft. It didn’t feel as if my skin has been stripped from any natural oils which is usually common in a face wash/cleansing product.IMG_1806

Will I repurchase this product again?
Yes x 1000!

Are there any products in my stash that you’ve tried? What’s your thoughts?

{Review} Avon Ideal Flawless BB Cream

In my “New In” post, I mentioned that I’m currently trying a new BB Cream and that’s something huge for me because I’m a creature of habit. I believe if its not broken then why fix it? In simpler terms; I love my Garnier BB Cream so why am I even experimenting with a new BB Cream? I saw it in the Avon brochure so I purchased it and I might have over reacted a lot a little when I saw it the first time. A few days went by and I finally managed to build up the courage to take it out of the box again and give it a second look. I have to say that I’m now singing a completely different tune.
I’ve been using it everyday since the day that I’ve opened it and I even found a way to incorporate it into the day before yesterday’s DIY post. Avon’s Ideal Flawless BB Cream is quite different compared to my beloved Garnier Miracle Skin Perfecter, Ill do the comparison further down. Firstly Avon’s BB Cream offers medium coverage with SPF 15 and I’m fine with that. I love that it didn’t seem cakey or unnatural on my face and that it stayed put all day. I use my Avon Colortrend Concealer underneath it everyday but I find that I don’t have to dust my Clear Smooth All In One Powder on everyday depending on the weather. I’ve noticed that this BB Cream has a slight shimmer to it. Not overpowering and one can hardly see it, I only noticed it on my finger tips but its something I’ve never experienced in a BB Cream.IMG_1777

Let’s get a bit comparing in here:
•This BB Cream didn’t wipe off my face (sometimes clothes) as easily as my Garnier BB Cream does and I love that.
•Its a much thinner consistency than your average BB Cream so blending with a brush is a dream even though I love my finger tips too.
•I have to however put a moisturiser or my sunscreen with a higher SPF under this BB Cream or else my face feels and looks dry.
•Putting a powder over is optional where as with my Garnier BB Cream, I had to lightly dust my powder over it to set it and prevent shine during the day.
This BB Cream works quite well in conjunction with my makeup routine and exceeded my expectations. Its definitely a notch up from the Avon foundations that I’ve tried. If you’re on a budget and wanting to spend on a good quality everyday BB Cream, then this is definitely it. At R99.95, Ill most likely add it to my shopping list again.
Have you tried this BB Cream yet?