The Beauty Tag ♥


Today I thought I’d get a little Taggy Taggy on the blog and do a beauty tag so that you darlings can see read what rocks my beauty boat. I love love love tags and so thought that its time that I did another. Let’s get cracking!

1. EEK! You’ve got five minutes to do your makeup for a date. What’s your minimum?

♥Hmmm… Let see; BB Cream, Blusher, Mascara, Eye-shadow and lipstick. That’s my tried and tested 5 min face in the morning. Any other morning besides a Monday, I’d be able to squeeze in some concealer too. (Monday Morning = Snail mode.)

2. Pick a trend—crazy cat eyeliner, super hot pink blush, or feathered false lashes?

♥I wish I could say none of the above but I think I’d go with super hot pink blush and I would somehow make it work because a) any type of eye liner freaks me out and b) thank goodness I was blessed with long lashes so I don’t have to go the falsies route.

3. If you had to either give up all makeup for two months or give up your skincare for a week, which would you pick?

♥This is going to sound so bad but I’d give up skincare. Its only for a week right? I honestly don’t think I’d be able to go two months without adding any colour to my lips or without my beloved BB Cream. :-(
4. What beauty products are always in your purse?

♥Is this a rhetorical question? Lipstick and lipbalm. Obviously.

5. Are there any beauty products that you keep coming back to throughout the years?

♥I’m not that old so I can’t really answer this question but I do know that I’ve tried  many shampoos and conditioners but none will ever measure up to Revlon’s Flex. Its not only super affordable but the wonders it does to my locks? Out of this world!

7. Lipstick or lip gloss?

♥This is definitely a rhetorical question. LIPSTICK.

8. Are there any products that you never expected to like but ended up loving?

♥ Definitely eye shadow. I was a total noob at applying eyeshadow and then brands started making the application process easier by creating these nifty little palettes that showed you exactly where to apply the shadows. Oh what a heaven sent!

And that’s it! If you want to participate in this tag, please do and tag me because I’d love to read your responses!

{Beauty} New in.

Its that time of the year when I have to perform extra good as my university workload doubles and I’m nearing the end of 2nd year. I’m so far behind with reviews and products are piling up in my beauty drawer. With this whole new “You open it you finish it” theory, its seems like my products are taking forever to finish… In reality its just me being really nosy and wanting to try new products. I’m slowly but surely getting through it all. Today I decided to share what’s new in my stash and what I’m currently testing so you can expect more on these products later on.
Firstly on my list; my new stash of Bath & Body Works products all the way from the UAE. I must admit that this is probably the best load that I’ve received for the past 3 times that I’ve gotten Bath & Body Works products from Dubai. I can’t choose my fave because they’re all so different in fragrance. If you want to read previous Bath & Body Works posts just click here , here, and here.
Finding new products to incorporate into my face (skincare) routine is quite a mission. My overly sensitive skin needs a special kind of TLC or else it acts up. I recently took these two new goodies out of my “new products” stash and I’ve been loving it these past two weeks. Thank You Desle, only you would know what works for my skin.
Being an avid Avon user, I purchased a new lipstick, concealer and the Avon BB Cream. I looked at the shade of BB cream once and I don’t know I feel about it. I shoved it back into the box and next week when I find the courage to actually look at it, Ill apply it to my face … Maybe.
I don’t shop at Dischem much but I was looking for a facemask that wouldn’t strip my face and irritate it so I went with this facemask. It looks interesting and it was a cheap one so obviously it went into my basket.IMG_1727

I mentioned my NYX purchases on the blog before but these two products are just looking at me waiting to be opened. Ill play with you darlings real soon!

And that’s a wrap of all the goodies waiting to be used and that I’m currently testing. Thoughts darlings! Are there any products in my stash that you’ve used and are loving/hating?

Factory Shop Expo 2014

Untitled-2Last weekend I attended the Factory Shop Expo and my regulars knows how much I love expos. So the amazing darlings at the Factory Shop Expo granted me with my media pass and of course I jumped at the opportunity and accepted it gladly because I wanted see what was happening at the expo this year and what CHEAP CHEAP goodies I could snatch up.

I went with the intention to spend R300 only because darlings, if I want to do a little something something at the end of the year (Ill fill you in later) ; I gotta save save save. I went to the expo on the Sunday so by then most of the good stuff was sold and the place was rather empty compared to the Saturday that I went last year. I prefer it that way because then I had more time to browse and move.
At one of the stands I finally found the R4000 suitcase that I’ve been dying to get at only R1500. I haven’ purchased it … But I will. I loved this stand because they sold designer bags and luggage at a fraction of the price and of course yours truly wants everything.
I spent most of my time and moola at the NYX stand. They had some stunning goodies that’s been on my lust have list since forever. All 3 my NYX purchases were less than R200. I haven’t used any of the makeup that I bought because I’m still standing firmly on my “You open it, you finish it” policy so look out for those reviews later on. I have however used my Tampered Powder Brush. Let’s just say I’m in love with it. At R20, I wish they had the entire range!
All in all I love how well organised the expo was. I can already see this becoming a tradition in the future. If there’s only one expo that I can attend every year? This would be it! Thank You Kerin for my pass. It was fun.

P.s excuse the bad quality image, I will update it later today. I had to snap it in jiffy before leaving for campus this morning.

{Review} Avon: Totally Kissable Lipstick – Deep Orchid

Its been forever since I last did a beauty product review, I even forgot how to go about doing it. Today I’m talking my absolute favourite lipstick at the moment … If I say its my fave, you know its a goodie. This is by far my deepest and darkest shade of lipstick and a real huge leap away from my hot pinks and reds.

For my regulars, you’d know that I’ve really started loving Avon lately and I buy something out of every catalogue. Usually when I want to see if a pricey lipstick suits my complexion, I would choose a dupe out of the Avon brochure and then make my mind up. I saw a really stunning MAC lippie similar to this Avon lippie but was not prepared to fork out R215 just yet so I went with Avon’s Totally Kissable Lipstick in shade Deep Orchid.

Let me start off by saying that this lippie is so pigmented it’ll last you FOREVER. I don’t use a lip liner when I apply it, I don’t know why but I guess I just don’t feel the need to. The staying power of this lippie is out of this world! When it starts fading during the day it changes colour so you start off with a really intense deep orchid shade and end off with a fuchsia/purple shade.

I love that it has a subtle berry scent to it and a teeny tiny shimmer. To me Its extremely moisturising for a matte type lipstick. I haven’t experienced any drying effect or chapped irritated lips that required licking.

As with any lipstick, there will probably be an oopsie or two. No? Maybe the none oopsie ones are the likes of Dior or Chanel but we’re talking student budget here. There’s honestly only one thing that I didn’t like and that’s how my inner lip (where my lip line ends) didn’t fade like the rest of my lips. It left a dark line along the inner line BUT I did however learn how to fix it. Using the only gloss in my collection at the moment, I took a cotton swab and lined my inner lip with one thin layer of gloss and VOILA!

Let’s get to the budget friendly part of this, the price. To my fellow budget beauty girls, this lippie only retails for R69,99. *Squeeeeeeel* I already ordered 2 more. If this shade is not for you, there’s 9 others to choose from. Pucker Up darlings! :’)

City Lodge: #CityEscapes – Touring The City {Part 2}

Today I’m back with part 2 of my amazing stay at Road Lodge Cape Town International Airport. So when I got the offer to be a tourist in my own city, of course I was ever so ready to play the part. My aunt is visiting us from Dubai so I thought that it would just be fitting to take her along and see what she’s been missing out on while living in the UAE.


She’s never been on the City Sightseeing Cape Town bus and its a “Must” for every Capetonian or someone visiting. Everybody knows how much I love Cape Town’s beloved red bus so obviously it was the first thing that we would do. We drove around the Cape taking in the sights and sounds. The weather definitely started changing but that didn’t put a damper on the mood.


We hopped back onto the bus and got off at the last stop which is the V&A Waterfront. I love love love cruising the waters of the V&A and I knew the waters would be a bit rough because of the weather but being the stubborn noodle that I am, I didn’t let that put me off. Seeing that I’ve already cruised the canal on City Sightseeing Cape Town’s Shosholoza , we decided that the Jolly Roger would be right on point. We got entertained on board and I have to stay that I felt like a kid … Which is a good thing in my opinion.


Bringing out my inner tour guide, she wanted to see Cape Town from a bird’s eye so obviously The Wheel Of Excellence was next on the cards. My aunt felt that it gave her a taste of London and we could even see Table Mountain while rotating in a 360 degree angle.


After the adventurous day, we headed back to Road Lodge Cape Town International Airport where we ordered in. I have to say that it was amazing getting back in to our cozy room after being out in the cold all day and the hot shower after? PERFECTION. Who knew that touring Cape Town would be this affordable. Staying over in the Cape for 24hours? Follow this guide! Easy on the pocket, loads of fun and leave your heart behind because you’ll definitely be back for more. :-)

*A huge Thanks to Natasha and team for making my stay and touring such a pleasure. I had loads of fun!

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City Lodge: #CityEscapes {Part 1}

City-Lodge-LogoI’ve been a bit very scarce on the blog and I needed back my blogging mojo. This was in the form of a mini break while still doing some “blogging work”. A few weeks back I was invited to come stay over at the incredible Road Lodge Cape Town International Airport. Of course I didn’t have to think twice before accepting the invitation because its one hotel that I’ve never been to and let me add that it was all sorts of amazing.
Firstly upon arrival the friendly staff greeted us with warm ‘Hellos’ and was very eager to accommodate us when wanting to change rooms to a room that allowed smoking, which is something that I appreciate seeing that we’re always on the receiving end of bad service. I appreciate it when staff goes the extra mile. Definitely a brand plus.
We got shown to our cozy little room on the 2nd floor where we immediately felt at home. The room was equipped with its own flat-screen tv, en-suite and heater to keep you warm in the BRRRR Cape Town weather. I loved that we didn’t have to peep out the window to check on the car the entire time as the premises had security 24/7.
One of the main aspects that I loved about staying over at RLCTIA is that everything is so accessible. Darlings, I’m talking walking distance to Cape Town International Airport where you can shop till you drop … heck even hop on a plane to Bali. From cab services to stay in “Mr Delivery” services or even room service, whatever tickles your fancy.

This hotel is absolutely one of the most user friendly and convenient hotels that I’ve ever stayed at. In my opinion, it would not only be great for people stopping over in Cape Town for a couple of hours but also its easy on the pocket. You’ll be experiencing 5☆ and the fraction of the price.

Check back tomorrow for my Part 2 of my amazing weekend at Road Lodge Cape Town International Airport and how I was a tourist in my own city.

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Empties #1

I’m blessed when it comes to being able to review things sent to me, gifted and even buying my own, which means that I seldomly get to finish a product because I’m so excited to dig into the new goodies I get. This is an on going cycle of mine and I end up giving a lot of things away… Well no more! I have this new theory; if you open it YOU FINISH IT. I took this new approach to beauty products very seriously and have finished quite a few products, some completely empty and some with about 1 round of use left.

At the moment to prevent accumulation of empty containers, I decided to share my hit/miss products with you. I feel that “empties” posts are the most informative posts ever so I decided to share my empties for the month of June.

Garnier BB Cream
The love that I have for Garnier’s BB Cream cannot even be put into words. I’m on tube number 5 ever since starting on BB Cream about 2 years ago. It lasts forever! The best part is that there’s different BB Creams for different skin types.

Would I purchase it again? Absolutely it deserves ☆☆☆☆/5

Bourjois Shine Lipstick.
This lipstick is the best one I’ve discovered all year. I want a whole bunch of these. Its my most moisturizering lipstick and even made it ontop my top 5 lipsticks. I used the heck out of this product, look what the poor tube looks like. I always end up chucking it in my campus bag because I cannot imagine a day without it. Its my most worn one yet. I’m reviewing some more Bourjois products at the moment and this brand definitely makes it onto my fave beauty brands list.

Would I purchase it again? YES x1000 It deserves ☆☆☆☆☆/5

Yardley Stayfast Pressed Powder
This powder is definitely one of the best ones I’ve used. I haven’t experienced an ounce of shine since using it. I hit pan so I had to shift over to the Maybelline All In One powder.

Would I purchase it again? YES No doubt. ☆☆☆☆/5

Yardley 3D Lash Fibre Extension
I’ve using this mascara for about 2 months and I have a love/hate relationship with it. This definitely adds definition and length to ones lashes and doesn’t clump at all. For some odd reason it irritates my eyes when I add more than two coats and my eyes tear. Even with the tearing, it doesn’t run. See my love hate relationship with it?

Would I purchase it again? I’m undecided. ☆☆☆/5

L`Occitane Hydrating Mist
I love love love this product’s scent. This is actually a great “summer time” product. I just wish my face could stand this product. This is definitely not for people with sensitive skin. My face went red and itchy. I then used the hydrating mist on my legs. Whoooeee what a burst of summer freshness.

Would I purchase it again? No. ☆☆/5 the two is for the scent and how it feels on my legs. Its a bit of an expensive product just to cool my legs down.