{New In} – Birthday Spoils, Shopping, UAE Haul.

In January I celebrated by birthday and Blogger BFF – Desle and I have this January to March birthday celebration theory where we celebrate our birthdays for 3 months and buy each other stuff. She ALWAYS spoils the sh*t out of me and she always seems to get me things that I love and would never buy myself. This year was no exception.

I’m surprised that I didn’t spend as much as I thought I would when in the UAE. I think mostly because the goodies that I wanted were so overpriced. I have however managed to buy goodies that were well priced for example stocking up on my beloved Garnier BB Cream because it was half the price that we pay in SA and besides the price, my Avon BB Cream could just not hold up with the Emirates heat. My face ate that BB Cream and it was definitely too drying on the skin so I ended up using it as a primer. Now that I’m done sharing useless information with you lovies, let me show you what I bought and received.

I have no idea what happened to my “you open it, you finish it” theory that I mentioned in my empties post last year. I was convinced that I could do it but once I received this massive box of spoils, it kinda just flew out the window. But. I. Will. Get. Back. On. That. Wagon. PROMISE!

I’m a lipstick person, I’m a crazy lipstick collector and wearer person. I’m not one of those people that just collects lipsticks and never wears them. I believe that someday I’m going to own 365 lipsticks, one for everyday of the year. Cheesy but true. So Des bought not one, not two but 8 lipsticks and the cutest Macaroon lipbalm. There’s some cult favourites in there that I couldn’t wait to get my lips on. I can’t wait to start using my Sephora and Too Faced lipsticks.IMG_2558

Then I got some ooh-la-lovie goodies for my body that I will using on my week off. I took a sniff of some of the products and I went to beauty blogger heaven. Then I also received a refill of Victoria’s Secret lotion that I used religiously since I got it the first time. Oh and my Bath and Body Works collection is back in existence and the plus side is, I haven’t tried this range yet!


Let’s move on to the hands and nails – Let me just say that the L’Occitane en Provence hand lotion smells like real roses that’s been stuffed into the tube. My past experience with rose scented products is that it smells so artificial and this is definitely a notch maybe 10 up from what I’m used to. Let’s take a minute to appreciate the cuteness that is Mini Pet Floral, its such a cute addition to my weekend handbag.IMG_2569

If you’re a follower on Twitter, you would know that my face suffered from all sorts of weird breakouts and reactions while I was there and I tried everything, even going back to my trusty faves but for some reason it just didn’t work. Slowly but surely I got my skin how I wanted it and how its supposed to be and colder months approaching, Des sorted me out with new face masks from Korea.IMG_2588

Jewellery might just be second on my list of my absolute must have accessories for my outfit. I got a trio of gangster, sweet and owl obsession. The “Amazing” chain is something that I would NEVER IN A MILLION years purchase for myself but for some reason its my most loved piece in my collection. Maybe after the owls earrings because I’m owl obsessed.IMG_2596

Now when I got back to SA I had money left and being a typical love shopping, student, always broke kinda fashion – I felt the need to go shop. I remember I spotted these heels at Shoe City for round about R400 and when I went back last week it was R120. I may or may not have BOOYAA’ed out loud in store. They are so comfy and appropriate for someone like me that absolutely – cannot master – the art of walking in heels.IMG_2606

Typo is Typo is Typo, everybody loves Typo. These are such awesome statement pencils and I don’t even want to use them. This is one of the gifts that I put away as is because I want to save it till I need it. Even though I find the urge to want to need it now. Self Control Tasneem. Self Control. I can be sensible when I need to be… I hope?IMG_2599

Then I did some shopping online at Retail Box for some The Balm goodies. I bought Mary-Lou Manizer in the UAE but wanted another one for that Blogger Bestie of mine and the Nude Dude Palette. I’m so impressed with the service at Retail Box. They always keep you updated with the details concerning your package and the delivery speed was better than any other online store that I shop at and I shop online A LOT. Kudos Retail Box! Fellow SA online stores, take notes.IMG_2611

M-M-Makeup! This lot of spoils are probably going to be the hardest to use because they are so pretty. I’ve admired the Physicians Formula Nude Wear range since it got released. Speak about packaging perfection, soon Ill dip my brush into it. Then the palette from Sephora will probably be my bestie because on the reverse side is a step by step instruction manual on how/wear to apply the eyeshadow. For a beauty blogger, I’m quite a noob when it comes to applying makeup.IMG_2591

Lastly, I wish Ikea and Lifestyle would open shop in SA already! They have thee most beautiful goodies to beautify your home and I may or may not have gone crazy at the store. Most of the goodies I bought I already gifted to people but I kept some goodies for blogger bestie and I. The candles smells heavenly even though its still closed and would’ve probably bought 10 more if I was allowed all of those fragile items on the plane.IMG_2607

{WIN} There’s a story behind every PS : Win a R50 000 shopping spree for you and 3 friends

Today I’m interrupting my travel posts with a MUST READ, MUST LOVE, MUST ENTER giveaway. I’m pretty sure by now that all of you have seen the Cadbury PS ad with the two friends, Khanyi and Lindi where they have the major fallout… Well that comes with the territory of having friends. You know ; the fun, drama, laughter and tears – the key ingredients to any friendship.
I’m a huge friends person, I believe that friends are the family that we get to choose. Over the past 3 years I’ve met some amazing people at campus that I’ve built friendships with and that I hope to keep and the friendships that I’ve had since school years. Then there’s also the incredible people that I’ve met online that will always have a special place in my heart like Desle, Naeemah and Anazo. Not forgetting my BEST BEST BEST friends, my sisters.
But enough with the soppy stuff. If you’re reading my blog, it means that we’re basically friends and friends tell each other things … Now let me share a lil secret with you. The awesome peeps over at Cadbury told me to tell YOU darlings about the fab new comp that they’re running where Cadbury invites viewers to ‘Unwrap The Story’ behind their (Khanyi and Lindi) friendship on the Cadbury P.S. Facebook page.

By unraveling who the girls are, where they met and why they fall out, you darlings stand a chance to win an ONCE IN A LIFETIME VIP SHOPPING EXPERIENCE for you and three friends to the value of R50 000.
I may or may not have envisioned some of my readers squeal with excitement, I know I did. I wish I could enter the comp too, well readers/friends I leave it in your hands. ENTER N-O-W I would love it if a City Girl Vibe reader won and maybe they would consider me as a friend and take me along on the shopping spree … Kidding … NOT. Now while I eat all of the yumminess that is the lovely press drop that I received from Cadbury P.S., you go on and enter!

Travels: UAE 2014/15 Part 3

Out of all the places I’ve been to in the UAE I don’t think anything can and will beat the day I spent at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Many people would probably think and say that there’s nothing really spectacular about the place but I can’t even begin to describe how wrong they are. Pfffft even celebs like Riri are visiting the place! Ill let my pictures do the talking.
IMG_2296For some reason I just felt in my element when touring the grounds of the 3rd largest mosque in the world. When driving along the road toward the mosque, one is greeted with the most beautiful plot of architecture.
IMG_2178I read so many posts online about the mosque and how people said that they visited more than 5 times and never got bored so obviously my curious mind wanted to scout it out. There’s just something spiritually uplifting about sitting by the pools along the arcades reflecting the mosque’s spectacular columns listening to the Ad·han.

IMG_2202When entering the grounds of the mosque and you’re not adhered to the dress code, then one can get an Abaya at the mosque FOR FREE for the duration of your visit. Also did I mention that visiting/ touring the mosque is absolutely FREE? Perfect for my student budget if you ask me.
If I were to ever return to the UAE I would love to visit the mosque at night time, I’ve been scouring the net and the pictures are nothing short of incredible. I visited on a week day and the place was packed but that’s fine with me because the grounds can accommodate 44 000 individuals. See how I’ve done my homework before going and how I came to the conclusion that I really NEEDED to go?
In my opinion, I don’t think that your trip to Abu Dhabi is complete without visiting Sheikh Zayed Mosque. I may or may not have forgotten my heart on the steps of the mosque. Exaggeration much? … I think not! May just a little.

Travels: UAE 2014/15 Part 2

My 3rd week of my holiday in the Middle East found me feeling all Sex and the City like exploring all the different malls and shopping up a storm at stores that I would usually ugly cry for wishing they were in SA, when spotting all the awesome buys on my fav Youtube vloggers channels.
Untitledkkkkk While over in the UAE, I was traveling between Dubai and Abu Dhabi so I got to know all the malls and sniff my way around stores like Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret. Back in SA we have most of the stores that they have in the UAE with the exception of Starbucks, Ikea, Lifestyle and all those other awesome stores that Fashion/Beauty Bloggers dreams are made of.


I knew if I went to Yas Island, I wanted to visit Ferrari World. I’m definitely no car fanatic but I wanted to see a “Michael Schumacher” car up close.


On my way back to SA I saw Ferrari World from the sky and obviously I had to snap a picture. I know I definitely didn’t appreciate it like a car fanatic would’ve but it was all sorts of amazing.


Two weeks on since arriving in the UAE I still experienced a serious case of jetlag. I would sleep most of the day and explore at night, it worked well in my favour because at 4’o clock all the shops would open and that’s where I would go to.


Tomorrow Ill be sharing my most memorable day in the UAE. A place I NEEDED to see!

Travels: UAE 2014/15 – Part 1

I’ve been MIA off City Girl Vibe since last year. I’m officially in my 3rd year of varsity and things have been hectic. I think I’m slowly but surely getting back into the swing of things which means my blog will be more active. Yes I’m back from the UAE and its been amazing!


I’ve decided to divide my travel diary into 5 or so weeks for the time period that I was away. This would make reading so much more lighter as opposed to dividing it into “Day 1, Day 2, etc…” and also less lengthy.

My first week in UAE to me was like my first week in school. So much feelings happening in this heart of mine that it totally confused me. Its obviously my first time away from home for such a long time and to be totally honest I felt homesick (Who the heck feels homesick on a holiday?, I never quite understood my brain.) but the excitement of being in a new country, discovering new things and having that much needed break quickly simmered down that homesick feeling.


It felt like I needed 2 days to recover from an 8 hour flight. I slept until 5 that first day I was there because I landed at 1.30 am and being seated next to a germophobe with a stinky attitude and alcoholic like tendencies was just not fun. Obviously I didn’t get any shut eye on the plane. Damn you Emirates for seating me next to this woman!

I didn’t do much exploring or shopping for my first week in UAE but I did however dine out and went to the supermarket at 22.00. By supermarket I mean a Pick n Pay on steroids with whole cooked chickens costing R20 and apple juice R2. No exaggeration here.

There’s so much things that I learnt in my first week while I was there and also things that I had to get used to like their Friday being their Saturday and that their Sundays are their Mondays.

One thing that I didn’t like is that it got dark so quickly. At 5.30 the sun would be long gone. I guess that’s winter for you. Quite a different winter from what I’m used to. Some days I would stand on the balcony and watch the sun go down and all of a sudden see this “thing”, I have no idea what it is/was but it was like a trail of glitter descending from the sky. In my mind I was thinking is it a shooting star? A missile being shot? A bird? A plane? What? What? Nonetheless its safe to say that it freaked me out.

It seems like week 1 in the Arab Emirates just flew by without me even noticing. Well into my second week I’ve come to learn quite a few things and also learnt the ins and outs of the places.


In other related news, I have to say that the weather over there definitely did not agree with my skin. I had breakouts and dry skin on every other day. Its so weird because I never suffer from breakouts … EVER. I had to ditch most of my makeup and skincare products that I would normally use back home and number one being my Avon BB Cream. Even though the sun was not normal UAE temperatures, it somehow just couldn’t withstand the heat. I had to turn to the Emirati women to learn what their fave makeup products are.

My week 2 consisted of lazing around on beach and soaking up the sun. I visited Saadiyat Beach where I fell asleep on the beach for 2 hours and woke up with the most beautiful sunset. I have to say that the crime rate over there always seize to amaze me. I might have mentioned this before but I fell asleep with my handbag wide open, camera and phone lying next to me and woke up with everything as is.


I will be back with some more UAE wonderings later this week. Thank you to those for mailing, tweeting and sending me messages to ask what happened to me. I appreciate it stacks will be back in the blogging game!

Out Of Office.

I may have mentioned it on my social media platforms before but for those of my readers that don’t follow me on Twitter and Facebook *gasp* You don’t follow me on my SM sites?! … Anyway I’ve left the country for a few weeks and will be back in the new year. I consider it as a much needed break and definitely some down time as I’ve had a extremely busy, hectic and chaotic year.

Excuse my absence on the blog and everywhere else. I haven’t even been sharing snippets of my trip on SM because I’ve been having so much fun and when people have fun, they don’t take pictures. Maybe when I’ve come to terms with how beautiful this place is, I’ll start posting o Instagram. But for now, Thank You for sticking around and I will try to post next week.

Ooh yes… I’m in Dubai!Dubai_3050265k

{Stimorol} Chewface – Giveaway with R5000 cash and hampers up for grabs (Closed)

Its that time of the year where we all need to trade in our office shoes for our dancing shoes and maybe some cash to accompany the party season, right? Right! Today I have a double whammy for the above mentioned much needed break. We all know the end of year Rage party that takes place in Durban and we all experience this sense of FOMO, even more so now that Stimorol will be teaming up with Rage to give you the VIP Rage Experience.

What is the “VIP Rage Experience” you ask?
On 29 November the opening Rage party sponsored by Stimorol will be taking place which paves the way for the ‘First Pump Nation’ Party that kicks off in Plettenberg Bay on 4 December. With Stimorol being the main sponsor, party goers and fans will have the opportunity to win quite a few amazing prizes such as;unnamed

•1x R10 000 cash prize.
•2x R5 000 cash prizes.
•VIP Experiences at each event, including a limousine ride to each event (How rad!).

Want to know how you can get in on the action?
Enter the Chewface challenge on Stimorol’s social media pages, Facebook and Twitter by posting a picture or video of your Chewface. If you don’t know what a Chewface is, let’s grab some inspiration from “The Wild” actor Hayley Owen, “Hectic Nine 9″ presenter Danilo Acquisto and “947” presenter Alex Caige to show you how its done.
As you can tell there’s many opportunities to scoop up some prizes even at Rage so if you don’t win, don’t fret. There will be video booths at both events where you’ll be able to win R5000 when you upload your ‘Chewface’ videos.
Now let’s get to the good even better stuff on how Stimorol will be spoiling City Girl Vibe readers.

-Do you have what it takes to be Stimorol’s Chewface Couple champion?
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Well if you’ve check the box for each question then listen up.

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At the end of one week Ill be uploading all the entries onto the blog and Stimorol will be choosing their winner.

Its that easy! Goodluck darlings its definite a biggie!

♥Zan-Mari Vosges


♥Reshika Singh
1. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10201974898413305&set=o.279171395497026&type=3&permPage=1

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♥Alicia Buckle


♥Adele Klusener



Thank you to each and every beautiful soul that entered this competition. I appreciate all of the effort that was put into the entries. As chosen by the Stimorol Team ;

Congratulations is in order ……………………………………..
Adele Klusener!

Happy Christmas shopping and congratulations to you and your hubby. You were an amazing sport!

Please mail me on tasneemthomas@gmail.com to claim your prize.